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Meeting and event planners work with many technology platforms that all promise to optimize their resources. But many of these tools only solve one problem and rarely integrate with other platforms. As a result, planners are often left to manage event data between systems manually, cancelling out any time-saving automation that was done in the first place.

Major obstacles have traditionally precluded planners from fully integrating their systems – time, money, access to expertise, complicated processes and lack of support from technology providers and IT departments. In this webinar, we'll walk you through how to connect all of your tools by yourself with a simple integration solution, an ‘integration Platform-as-a-Service’ (iPaaS). iPaaS solutions like Built.io Flow make it easier, more affordable, and faster to integrate, enabling planners to pursue opportunities to do so much more with their skills and talents.

Eric Kingstad

The Event Guys are trusted advisers to the meetings industry specializing in event technology integration. Principal and owner Eric Kingstad is a 30 year veteran of the meetings industry, with experience in hospitality and conferences planning.

Kurt Collins

Kurt brings with him 20+ years across development, strategic partnerships, business development, developer relations in the IoT, mobile and DevOps spaces for enterprises.