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Bots are an easy way to automate complex tasks that require retrieving information from multiple systems. When they’re implemented, they ensure teams are more productive by making information more accessible, faster. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to build a bot using Cisco Webex Teams and Built.io Flow. Cisco Webex Teams is the leading enterprise tool that helps modern teams work together from anywhere at any time - with group messaging, content sharing, video calling, and desktop sharing. Built.io Flow is an enterprise-grade integration platform that enables both business teams and developers to seamlessly connect tools, devices, and services, ensuring disparate systems work together. Together, these tools are primed for maximum productivity in the workplace, especially when paired with bots.

Steve Greenberg

Network engineering professional with 20+ years designing and managing deployment of voice, video and data networks for enterprise customers.

Kurt Collins

Kurt brings with him 20+ years across development, strategic partnerships, business development, developer relations in the IoT, mobile and DevOps spaces for enterprises.