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About The Digital Fan Experience Platform

Sports teams and sportstech companies around the world are taking advantage of digital technology to reinvent how they connect with their fans – during game time and beyond. Built.io’s Digital Fan Experience Platform unlocks new revenue opportunities and creates unique experiences for spectators, teams, coaches and sponsors alike. Fill your rivals with envy and your fans with pride!

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    Deliver a jaw-dropping, bespoke sports experience for your fans by blending physical and digital aspects of game and venue.

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    Unlock new revenue opportunities for your franchise and sponsors by leveraging realtime game and fan data.

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    Increase loyalty by making every fan feel like a VIP – whether they’re physically at the game, at home, or in transit.

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    Deliver value and customized services for any event – including concerts, performances, and rallies – held at your stadium.

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    Build on your physical infrastructure and turn your arena into a smart, connected space bursting with innovative IoT use cases.

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    Be ready for the future and incorporate digital innovation – including mobile apps, AI and VR – as soon as it appears.

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What Our Partners Say

  • “Cartogram’s wayfinding technology is all about blending the physical and digital to create a smooth user experience. Built.io’s platform makes it easy to drop in our technology into a stack to build the perfect VIP scenario for fans.”

    Will Stryker Clausen, CEO & Founder, Cartogram

  • “A successful SportsTech stack for an ‘Arena-as-a-Service’ doesn’t start and stop at the game. It’s the special touches before, during, and after that really make an impact on someone’s experience. Built.io’s Digital Fan Experience platform makes it easy for sports teams to make every fan feel like a VIP.”

    Jeff Porter, CEO & Founder, Handbid

  • “The plug and play aspect of Built.io’s Digital Fan Experience Platform makes it easy for the sports and entertainment industry to activate use cases that incorporate beacon technology, whether it’s helping with indoor navigation, enabling realtime tracking of people and things, or powering proximity-based services and offers.”

    Brian Dunphy, General Manager, Gimbal Enterprise

  • “Exceptional digital experiences today demand a wide variety of highly scalable, real-time systems working together in perfect unison, which is why UrbanAirship has taken an open approach that uses data from any system to individually interact with customers on any channel. When paired with Built.io's Digital Fan Experience Platform, we make it easier for venues to blend physical and digital environments and deliver precision-guided content and high-touch service experiences to fans everywhere.”

    Mike Musson, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Urban Airship

  • You can't build something amazing using just one resource or single service anymore. A truly outstanding solution is comprised of many, best-of-breed components. Built.io's Digital Fan Experience combines microservices like SessionM with sensors, beacons, and an array of other digital services to build a pulsing, electrifying fan experience.

    Patrick Reynolds, Chief Marketing Officer, SessionM

  • "Built.io makes it easy to incorporate the VITEC video streaming service into any fan experience. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind Digital Fan Experience Platform, sports brands can quickly incorporate innovative video features into their mobile app and seamlessly enrich the in-arena experience for their fans, including live streaming, instant replay, and multi-angle game views."

    Eli Garten VP, IPTV & Enterprise Video Solutions, VITEC

  • “We are thrilled to be a part of Built.io’s Digital Fan Experience Platform. This partnership enables sports fans to take advantage of SpotHero’s Parking Panda app in the context of a larger sports technology ecosystem, resulting in an unforgettable customer experience.”

    Trish Lukasik, Chief Operating Officer, SpotHero

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