Make your own workflow with Triggers and Actions

Triggers and actions allow you to receive and send data to your apps.


Create Recipient List

Create a new recipient list

Create Template

Create a new template

Get all Recipient List

Retrieve all recipient lists

Recipient List Details

Retrieve the details of a specific recipient list

Get Templates

Retrieve all the templates

Create Transmissions

Create a new transmission to send a specified message template

Get Transmissions

Retrieve the details of some or all transmissions

Delete Transmission

Delete transmissions that are scheduled to be generated in future

Create Sub Account

Create a subaccount

Update Sub Account

Update an existing subaccount

Get Sub Accounts

Retrieve the details of all sub accounts

Create Transmissions with Recipient List

Create a new transmission to send a specific message template to a specified recipient list

Delete Recipient List

Delete an existing recipient list

Delete Template

Delete an existing template


Message Delivery

Triggers when a message is delivered to any recipient

Message Injection

Triggers when a message delivery fails

Recipient Open

Triggers when a recipient opens the received message

Recipient Click

Triggers when a recipient clicks on any link available in the message