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Smartsheet is an online project and task management app with advanced collaboration features. It lets you create and manage sheets, reports and workspaces for your organization. 


Smartsheet popular flows

Post messages on Cisco Webex Teams and add rows to Smartsheet for new responses in Google Forms

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Create meetings in Cisco Webex Teams for updated rows in Smartsheet

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Log new Evernote notes into Smartsheet rows

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When a new file is uploaded in Built.io Backend, create a new row in Smartsheet

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When a new subscriber is added to ActiveCampaign, create a row in Smartsheet

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When a new code is pushed on Github, add a row in Smartsheet

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Add rows in Smartsheet for new to-do items in Basecamp

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Add rows to sheet in Smartsheet for ShowGizmo sessions

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Create rows in Smartsheet for new entries in Contentstack.

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Create entries in Contentstack for new rows created in Smartsheet

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Add new rows in Smartsheet for new Dynamic 365 accounts

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Save new MailChimp subscribers to Smartsheet

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Intercom to Smartsheet

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Moxtra Realty Automation

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When a new lead gets added in Salesforce make an entry in Smartsheet

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For each new Trello card row create a new Smartsheet row

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Make your own workflow with Triggers and Actions

Triggers and actions allow you to receive and send data to your apps.


Add Columns

Add new columns in the specified sheet

Add Rows

Add new rows in the specified sheet

Attach File to Row

Add the specified file to the specified row

Copy Workspace

Create a copy of the specified workspace

Create Sheet

Create a new sheet at the specified location

Create Workspace

Create a new workspace

Delete Row

Delete the specified row

Delete Sheet

Delete the specified sheet

Get Report Publish Status

Retrieve the publish status of the specified report

Get Row

Retrieve the specified row from the specified sheet

Get Sheet Details

Retrieve the details of the specified sheet

List Groups

Retrieve some or all groups

List Reports

Retrieve some or all reports

List Sheets

Retrieve some or all sheets

List Workspaces

Retrieve some or all workspaces

Send Sheet via Email

Send the specified sheet to the specified recipient via email

Set Report Publish Status

Set a publish status for the specified report

Share Sheet

Share the specified sheet with the specified recipients via email

Update Rows

Update the values for the specified rows


Column Cell Updated

Triggers when a cell of specified column is updated

Row Updated

Triggers when an existing row is updated in the specified sheet

Row and/or Column Created

Triggers when a new row/column is created in the specified sheet

Row, Column, Comment and/or Attachment Deleted

Triggers when a row, column, comment. and/or attachment is deleted from the specified sheet

Comment Added

Triggers when a new comment is added to the specified sheet

New Attachment

Triggers when a new attachment is added to the specified sheet