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RingCentral is a cloud-based phone system which helps you easily connect your office, remote, and mobile employees under one phone system. It helps you to deliver a secure, hosted phone and fax functionality over the internet for your company.


RingCentral popular flows

Get notified in your Slack channel and send notification to the customer via RingCentral SMS for every incoming call missed from customer

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Notify the customer via RingCentral SMS, and add row in Google Sheets when the ticket is closed in your Zendesk account

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Send Slack notifications, create a Zendesk ticket, send SMS via RingCentral, and update your Salesforce record for every new incoming SMS from the user

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Send a feedback form via RingCentral SMS if the user is a lead in Salesforce after every incoming call ends

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Make your own workflow with Triggers and Actions

Triggers and actions allow you to receive and send data to your apps.


Create Contact

Add a new personal contact to the user address book.

Delete Message

Delete an existing message.

Download Attachment

Download attachment of a specified message.

Get Call Logs

Retrieve the list of all the call log records.

Get Company Info

Retrieve information about a particular RingCentral customer account.

Get Extensions

Retrieve the list of all the extension created for a particular account.

Get Messages

Retrieve the list of all the messages

Get Phone Numbers

Retrieve the list of phone numbers

Get User Contacts

Retrieve the list of user contacts.

Make Ringout Call

Make a ringout call to a specified recipient from your RingCentral business phone number.

Send Fax

Send a fax message to a specified recipient.


Send a new SMS or MMS message to a specified recipient.

Update Contact

Update the details of an existing contact



Triggers when a new message is sent or received.

New Fax

Triggers when a new fax is sent or received

New Voicemail

Triggers when a new voicemail is received in your account.

Call Started

Triggers when a new inbound or outbound call is started

Call Ended

Triggers when an inbound or an outbound call is ended or when the call is disconnected.

Missed Call

Triggers when an inbound or an outbound call is missed.

Call Recorded

Triggers when a call is recorded of a specified extension.