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Nexmo SMS

Nexmo SMS


Nexmo is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that lets you communicate with other users through cloud-hosted voice, SMS, and chat services.


Nexmo SMS popular flows

Send Slack notifications, create a Zendesk ticket, send SMS via Nexmo, and update your Salesforce record for every new incoming SMS

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Send an SMS via Nexmo to customer and create a Zendesk ticket whenever the status of a incoming call changes

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Send an SMS to all the contacts in Nexmo for new Cisco Webex Teams message

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Send an SMS to customer using Nexmo when the status of Zendesk ticket changes to 'Closed'.

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Send an SMS to agent via Nexmo and send notification on Slack for new Zendesk ticket

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Make your own workflow with Triggers and Actions

Triggers and actions allow you to receive and send data to your apps.


Buy Number

Buy the specified Inbound Virtual Number

Cancel Number

Cancel the subscription for the specified number

Create Application

Create a new application

Delete Application

Delete the specified application

Get Balance

Retrieve the total credit balance of your Nexmo account

Get Applications

Retrieve some or all applications

Get Messages

Retrieve some or all messages

Get Owned Numbers

Retrieve some or all numbers owned by you

Search Available Numbers

Search for available numbers

Send an SMS

Send an SMS to the specified number

Update Application

Update the details of the specified application

Update Number

Update the details of the specified number

Number Insight

Get insights on the specified Inbound Virtual Number


Call Status Changed

Triggers when the status of any call associated with the specified application is changed

New Incoming SMS

Triggers when a new message is received on the specified inbound virtual number (recipient) of your Nexmo account