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Box is an online file-sharing, storage, and collaboration service that caters to individual users as well as businesses. It lets you keep all your business files in one place for simple online collaboration. You can also share your files securely, and create, edit, and review documents with others in real-time from anywhere on any device.


Box popular flows

Suspend Box user, send notification to Slack channel for every deactivated Okta user

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When a new file is created in Box, upload the file on FTP server

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When a new mention is received in Mention, add it to a text file in Box

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Create note in Evernote for new Box files

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When you receive an email with an attachment in Gmail, download the file and upload it to Box

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Save new Box files to OneDrive

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Make your own workflow with Triggers and Actions

Triggers and actions allow you to receive and send data to your apps.


Delete File

Delete an existing file

Delete User

Delete the user

Download File

Download the specified file

List Users

Retrieve the list of the users 

Get Downloadable Link

Retrieve a downloadable link of the specified file

Move Owned Items

Move the owned items of one user account to another user account

Get File Details

Retrieve the details of the speficied file

Suspend User

Suspend an existing user

Get Folder Details

Retrieve the details of the specified folder

Search Files/Folders

Search and retrieve the files and folders that match the specified keyword

Upload File

Upload the specified file

Create Folder

Create a new folder at the specified location

Create User

Create a new user


New File or Folder

Trigger when a new file or folder is created or uploaded

File Content Updated

Triggers when any content in an existing file is updated

File or Folder Copied

Triggers when an existing file or folder is copied

File or Folder Moved

Triggers when an existing file or folder is moved

File or Folder Shared

Triggers when an existing file or folder is shared

Comment on File

Trigger when a comment is added, edited or deleted in an existing file or folder

File or Folder Downloaded

Triggers when an existing file or folder is downloaded

File or Folder Deleted

Triggers when an existing file or folder is deleted

File Previewed

Triggers when a file of the specified folder is previewed

Task Added

Triggers when a new task is added

Task Completed

Triggers when an existing task is marked completed

Note Updated

Triggers when an existing note is updated