Powerful Workflows For Your Business

Built.io Flow connects all your enterprise systems, apps and IoT infrastructure. Once connected, you can orchestrate sophisticated workflows across these domains. Powerful like MuleSoft, intuitive like IFTTT. Sign up for a 30 day free trial today.

Enterprise Gateway

Securely connect your legacy enterprise firewalled systems to each other, or to cloud and web-based services, mobile applications and the Internet of Things.

Workflow Groups

Create sophisticated workflows that map to real business processes via multiple execution branches, loops and custom logic.

Collaboration Bots

With Collaboration Bots, Built.io Flow extends enterprise collaboration tools – such as Cisco Spark or Slack – enabling workflow triggers within a chat. For example, as users coordinate a meeting, they can automatically book an available conference room, set up a dial-in number and book participants’ calendars.

Data Mapper

The Data Mapper simplifies the transformation and transfer of data between heterogeneous systems. For example, when sharing customer information between Salesforce and Marketo, which use different nomenclature and formats for their customer objects, the Data Mapper allows data to be easily reconciled.

Realtime Triggers

Instantly kick off a simple or complex workflow which spans across multiple systems using a live trigger. For example, you can set a workflow to be triggered at the moment when someone enters a new task in Trello. This action would kick off the workflow, which could add a new lead to your CRM, create a note in Evernote, send out a notification via a text message or Slack notification.

Activity Builder + Library

In addition to thousands of out-of-the-box integrations maintained by the Built.io team, developers can immediately enable any desired new service or API endpoint.

Mobile App

A mobile app for iPhone and Android that allows users to view and execute workflows on-the-go, as well as receive results from automated business processes directly on their mobile device.

Advanced API Builder

Create new meta-APIs by combining, wrapping and abstracting multiple API calls into one, which can then be exposed using a simple URL.

Visualized Testing + Debugging

Test, debug and execute flows with the click of a button. The visual designer simulates events across multiple systems to validate even the most sophisticated workflows containing realtime triggers.

Swagger + RAML Support

Users can create workflows connecting any service that supports either Swagger or RAML – the industry’s two dominant API description standards – without writing a single line of code.

Code Blocks

Implement advanced business logic – e.g. for data manipulation and transformation – via custom Node.js code blocks.


Connect to third-party services and build your integrations using OAuth to ensure enterprise-grade security.