Work Smarter, Not Harder. Flow Express brings the power of automation to everyone. It connects all your favorite tools, apps, and personal devices so you can automate just about everything with a few clicks.

Get Started Instantly


Create your first automation in minutes. No training, no coding.


Manage “If-this-then-that” scenarios as well as complex workflows. No limits.


Connect in the cloud. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain.

Turnkey Templates

Tap into an extensive library of templates and select from a range of powerful and useful, ready-to-use integrations. Swap out tools, or add more and customize them.

Multi-Step Workflows

Create high-impact workflows that don’t stop at just two steps. Connect all your favorite web services into one workflow, and send data across multiple apps at once – whether it’s two or two hundred.

Customized Output

Choose how to format your data output, including HTML, text or SMS, ordered and unordered lists, CSV files, and tables. Send data to your apps in the format that they understand.

Realtime Execution

“Triggers” activate workflows in realtime, so as soon as a specified event occurs, a new task is created, a message is received, or important data is updated.


Create powerful workflows that iterate one or more actions over a large set of data. Process all your tasks, emails or support tickets, for example, and make sure all VIPs get a timely response.

Timed and URL Triggers

You can schedule a workflow to run at a specified date and time, e.g., to run a weekly Google Analytics report and share it in Cisco Spark or Slack every Monday. For the power users out there, you can also kick off a workflow manually via Webhook URLs.

Advanced Filters

Apply conditional filters to the output of the previous actions or triggers, so that you can choose what data is passed to the next action, based on one or more attributes. Think “if this, but NOT that”.

Test Flows

We built in the ability to test your workflows without having to use live data. Verify that your automation runs exactly as intended from the get-go. Experiment with your workflows without messing up data in your production databases and services.

Export and Sharing Flow Express provides the tools to automate all the routine tasks of your SMB or as a non-technical person. As your business grows or your team develops advanced requirements, you can export your workflows from Flow Express to Flow Enterprise. This lets IT admins and developers contribute and address more complex integration needs.

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