SugarCRM is the leading CRM tool that lets you create and manage your customer records efficiently. You can add and update the details of various accounts, contacts, lead and opportunities and can fetch their details quickly. 


Make your own workflow with Triggers and Actions

Triggers and actions allow you to receive and send data to your apps.


Create Account

Create a new account

Create Contact

Create a new contact

Create Lead

Create a new lead

Create Opportunity

Create a new opportunity

Get Accounts

Retrieve some or all accounts

Get Contacts

Retrieve some or all contacts

Get Leads

Retrieve some or all leads

Get Opportunities

Retrieve some or all opportunities

Update Account

Update the details of the specified account

Update Contact

Update the details of the specified contact

Update Lead

Update the details of the specified lead

Update Opportunity

Update the details of the specified opportunity


New Account

Triggers when a new account is created

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is created

New Lead

Triggers when a new lead is created

New Task

Triggers when a new task is created

New Opportunity

Triggers when a new opportunity is created

New Case

Triggers when a new case is created

New User

Triggers when a new user is created

New Report

Triggers when a new report is created

New Quote

Triggers when a new quote is created

Update Account

Triggers when an existing account is updated

Update Contact

Triggers when an existing contact is updated

Update Lead

Triggers when an existing lead is updated

Update Task

Triggers when an existing task is updated

Update Opportunity

Triggers when an existing opportunity is updated

Update Case

Triggers when an existing case is updated

Update User

Triggers when an existing user is updated

Update Report

Triggers when an existing report is updated

Update Quote

Triggers when an existing quote is updated