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HubSpot popular flows

When a new row is created in Excel Online, create a contact in Hubspot with their information

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Create HubSpot contacts for new rows in Excel Online

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Create new contact in Dynamics CRM for new HubSpot contacts

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Send messages to Cisco Spark for new HubSpot contact

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Create HubSpot contacts for new MailChimp subscribers

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Create people in Pipedrive for new HubSpot contacts

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Make your own workflow with Triggers and Actions

Triggers and actions allow you to receive and send data to your apps.


Delete Contact

Delete an existing contact

Get Contacts

Retrieve all contacts

Create Contact

Create a new contact

Update Contact

Update an existing contact

List Blog Posts

List all the blog posts

Get Deal

Retrieve an existing deal

Delete Deal

Delete an existing deal

Delete Blog Post

Delete an existing blog post

Create Deal

Create a new deal

Create Blog Post

Create a new blog post

Associate Deal

Associate a deal with a contact or a company


COS Blog Post Created

Triggers when new post is created in HubSpot COS blog

COS Blog Post Published

Triggers when a post is published

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is created 

Update Contact

Triggers when a contact is updated