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ActiveCampaign popular flows

When a new contact is added in Eventbrite, add the contact to Activecampaign

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When new contacts are added in Eventbrite, add them to Active Campaign

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E-Commerce Transaction Processing Using Moxtra Notifications

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Send a message to a Moxtra binder when a new contact gets subscribed to a list in ActiveCampaign

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Make your own workflow with Triggers and Activities

Triggers and activities allow you to receive and send data to your apps.


Get Campaigns List

Retrieve list of all existing campaigns along with settings information

Get Contact List

Retrieve list of all existing contacts

Get List of Mailing Lists

Retrieve list of all existing mailing lists

Add New Message

Add a new email message

Get Contact Details

Retrieve more information on a particular contact

Get List Details

Retrieve more details on a particular mailing list

Get Message Details

Retrieve details of all messages in the mailing list

Get Messages List

Retrieve list of all existing messages

Re-send Campaign

Resend a particular campaign

Add New List

Create a new mailing list

Add New Contact

Add a new contact

Add New Campaign

Create and send a new campaign


Contact Subscribe List

Triggers when a contact subscribes to a specific list

Contact Unsubscribe List

Triggers when a contact unsubscribes from a specific list

Contact Updated

Triggers when a contact updated

Campaign Opened

Triggers when a recipient opens the email sent via a campaign

Campaign Starts Sending

Triggers when you hit the send button for any email campaign

Link Clicked

Triggers when a recipient clicks on the campaign link given in the email