Connect And Automate To Innovate. Flow – Integration For Everyone. Flow delivers end-to-end integration for both Business and IT.

Different people have different skillsets. That’s why we offer business users a tool that’s so easy they can get up and running in seconds. Developers and IT professionals get the added functionality they need in a more robust product to tackle even the most complex integrations with ease. Choose your adventure below:


Easy for business users.

A lightweight tool designed for business users,® Flow Express™ enables you to create automated workflows in minutes – with just a few clicks – and without burdening your IT department.

Robust for technical teams.

An enterprise-grade, robust technical product with a clean UI and drag-and-drop tools,® Flow Enterprise™ enables you to easily connect anything with an API to automate your most sophisticated workflows.

Which Flow Product Is For Me? Flow enables anyone to connect any tool – across any department and any industry - through our cloud-based integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Flow now offers two integration products with the ability to export Flows and share across each of them as the first end-to-end integration solution. Flow Express

Ideal for Business Users and Citizen Integrators.

    • Unlimited flows
  • Library
    • Rich library with thousands of pre-built integrations
    • Additional integrations added on-demand by
    • Intuitive, point-and-click UI
    • Step-by-step integration builder
    • Turnkey templates
    • Linear
    • Multi-Step flows
    • Bot enablement Flow Enterprise

Ideal for Power Users, IT Admins and Developers.

    • Unlimited flows
  • Library
    • Rich, extensible library with thousands of pre-built integrations
    • Additional integrations added on-demand by
    • Self-service addition of new integrations
    • API Builder
  • Tools
    • Intuitive, drag-and-drop UI
    • Code editor for Node.js custom code
    • Advanced debugging
  • Business Logic
    • Linear
    • Multi-Step flows
    • Parallels and branching
    • Grouping and recursive flows
    • Bot enablement

Simple for business users.

Robust for technical teams.