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As you may have noticed, raw engineering is now Built.io. We’ve made the transition from a services-only company to a solutions company. We still offer accompanying consulting and engineering services, but our capabilities have been greatly enhanced by the addition of three key enterprise products.

Built.io’s mission today is to fast-track innovation for its customers at the intersection of mobile, web and the Internet of Things (IoT), by delivering business value through its award winning products:

Built.io’s digital solutions and services are trusted by the world’s most innovative startups, leading Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world to provide a new generation of realtime, engaging experiences.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past 8 years and we hope you will continue with us on our journey under the new banner of Built.io.

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Isn't Built.io an mBaaS product?

Built.io Backend (previously known as built.io) is now one of three products under the Built.io brand. It’s the same product with UI/UX upgrades to make it even more developer friendly.

Who is raw engineering now?

raw engineering has become Built.io. It’s the same company with the same awesome team; we’ve just changed the name. The great development services you love haven’t gone away either, they’re actually what distinguish us from product-only companies. Not only do we now have three great products, but we can help you implement them to create a bespoke and turnkey digital strategy for your business.