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At least 50% Less Development

Reduce your development efforts by 50% when building new connectors or use cases

2.5X Faster Time to Market

Flow Embed provides the integration foundation, allowing you to deploy and go live with your integration offering 2.5X faster

95% Less Infrastructure Cost

Flow Embed is 100% cloud based, meaning immediate uptime and scale that matches your usage patterns. Plus, we handle all of the maintenance, and support so you can focus on creating value.

What is it?

Built.io FlowEmbed is a cloud-based embedded integration engine designed to enable your users to easily connect and integrate data from over 190 systems, apps, and devices from within your application experience.

Through a simple-to-configure form, your users are able to access more data - quicker - while you retain full control over their integration experience and abilities.

Because it is based on Built.io Flow, your engineering team can focus on building differentiated content and let the infrastructure and maintenance be handled by us. This means faster time-to-market with less maintenance and more features for your end users.


Full-powered Integration. Your branding.


Embed easy-to-use, configurable integration widgets into application interfaces to unlock powerful integration without compromising your brand and user experience.

Integration as an API


Ultimate flexibility to embed integration capabilities directly into your product through the Embed API, giving your users the ability to connect to 190+ endpoints tailored to your needs.

Secure Scaling


Harnessing the full power of Built.io’s scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. This means that we’ll handle performance, scaling, uptime, and availability, so you can focus on what matters.

Enable Integration without Compromise


Maintain complete control with an admin portal where you can manage all aspects of your embedded integrations site including users/groups, access, usage trends and more.

Decreased Time to Market and Increased Productivity


Because you’re building on a robust integration platform foundation, your team will benefit from monumental efficiencies that allow them to focus on enabling connectivity.

New Business Opportunities


Leverage integration to provide your customers with new ways to use your product and data.

How it Works

There is no 7

because Built.io will maintain and scale your integrations from here...

See it in action

Contact us, to see how it works, and get a trial account to try it for yourself!