Sports and Entertainment Digital Accelerator

Accelerate your digital transformation with the award-winning combination of BeyondCurious’ CatalystGo methodology and’s Digital Fan Experience Platform

The Accelerator Helps Your Team Hit a Homerun, a Slam Dunk, a Hole in One

As a framework for affecting change within the sports and entertainment experience, the accelerator will be used by teams to:


Sell more tickets, fill more seats and streamline event ingress


Provide VIP, frictionless services for painless purchasing


Engage your audience anywhere in the world – even at home and in transit


Provide immersive content to drive engagement on any channel


Sell more concessions, merchandise, and upgraded amenities in your venue


Use location-based, personalized experiences to engage fans


Harness data to make better decisions and curate better experiences


Make venue operations more efficient – identify big, new opportunities

About the Sports and Entertainment Digital Accelerator

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    Get actionable insights and a game plan from award-winning digital transformation consultancy BeyondCurious

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    Get discounted services and technology recommendations from, the leading SportsTech platform and tech foundation

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    Get prototypes, demos, or POCs that bridge the physical and digital worlds of sports

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    Connect with a wide array of vetted, tested, best-of-breed technology providers

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    Fast-track your Digital Fan Experience to elevate and differentiate your sports brand

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    Make venue operations more efficient and unlock opportunities for improvement

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    Learn industry best practices and how cloud, microservices, APIs, and agile methodologies apply to SportsTech

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    Tap into cross-functional solutions and collaboratively solve challenges with industry peers

About the Digital Fan Experience Platform

Connect Physical Spaces

Digitalize your arena, parking lot or retail space for a frictionless, VIP experience that increases in-venue spend.

(Re-)Build Your App

Build a backend database and integrate any tech with industry-first pluggable architecture for your dream stack.

Deliver Content Anywhere

Share your omnichannel content wherever your fans are, on smart watches, mobile, Jumbotrons, VR headsets and tomorrow’s tech.

What Will You Build?

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