Sacramento Kings Team Up with To Craft Innovative Fan Experience At World’s Smartest Arena

The new home of the Sacramento Kings – Golden 1 Center – is the smartest, most connected arena on the planet. To celebrate its opening in October of 2016, the Kings released a ‘first of its kind’ mobile application for both the franchise and the arena leveraging’s Digital Fan Engagement Solution which is fully powered by’s digital business platform, including Backend and Flow.


automated day-to-day workflow


automations run per game for a flawless UX


as many live updates compared to ESPN

Case Study

Case Study


The Sacramento Kings are a pro NBA team. Their state-of-the-art arena, connected space, offers a unique experience with indoor GPS and user engagement directly from a mobile app.

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The Sacramento Kings’ new entertainment and sports center, Golden 1 Center, is the first coliseum of the 21st century. Upon opening, it instantly became a high-tech haven for the NBA’s loudest fans and anyone attending a concert, family show, or private event. Given the mission – to deliver a truly connected experience – the Kings needed to ensure the arena, app and anything under the hood would remain ‘future-proof’ by delivering continuous innovation and upgrades to the overall experience for years to come.

To this end, it needed a highly scalable platform to power their mobile app and to bring together multiple innovative services. It also needed the ability to continuously update the app and deliver new features like realtime stats, experience upgrades, in-seat food ordering, merchandise browsing and Uber integration. In addition, the app environment needed to facilitate the testing and deployment of yet-to-be-released features for upcoming seasons.

However, connecting the world’s most technologically advanced arena and making it work effortlessly with a mobile app was a daunting task. Kings CTO Ryan Montoya decided to partner with in preparation for this momentous event and to lay the foundation for what would become the most connected arena and most innovative app experience to date.

A seamless and frictionless fan experience should begin long before you get to the arena and last beyond the final buzzer.’s infrastructure has put us in a position to achieve our objective with a worldwide fanbase.

– Ryan Montoya, CTO, Kings


The official Sacramento Kings application is powered by’s Digital Transformation Platform, comprising Flow, an award winning iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) that is used to connect anything with an API or a digital heartbeat and Backend, an enterprise mBaaS (mobile Backend-as-a-Service) that enables companies to create applications without the hassle of designing, building, and maintaining a custom backend technology stack.

Using the platform is hailed as an industry best practice by the Kings team for the following reasons:

  1. By investing in ‘products-as-a-service’, the Kings ensure that adopting new technology is seamless and does not require continuous in-house maintenance and upgrades.
  2. The platform autoscales and is highly synchronous, so engineers do not have to spend any time managing the app or game details.
  3. This combination of products is the backbone that accommodates 30 microservice integrations and 1500 automated workflows in the app.

The Kings App provides fans with realtime data and access to many services, platforms and partners on-demand. This experience could not be possible without’s digital transformation platform.

– Ryan Montoya, CTO, Kings


The dual mode Sacramento Kings and Golden 1 Center app is the first of its kind. The infrastructure supports a wide range of microservices that enable a fan to do things like buy parking in and around the arena or find seats in the arena with an interactive map. It also features an advanced gaming platform that enables fans to make predictions and compete against one another in realtime. Other noteworthy app upgrades include an AI (called KAI) to provide in-app chat and customer service, VIP notifications, a robust loyalty program, and the ability to report problems like a spill or whether the arena temperature is too hot or too cold. The latter, digital feedback connects to an automated climate control system that measures and adjusts the arena temperature to keep fans comfortable.

Because the app is powered by’s lightning-fast Digital Transformation Platform, it runs twice as many game updates than ESPN can show during the same timeframe. At the start of the season in 2015, three million events were tracked per month and the average in-app dwell time hovered around five minutes. In 2016, monthly sessions have increased 400% YOY and dwell time has increased by 80% YOY. “The array of integrations in the new Sacramento Kings plus Golden 1 Center App demonstrates that’s Digital Transformation Platform has primed the Sacramento Kings to build an app that will be the remote control to Golden 1 Center.” Continuous advancement has been the cornerstone of the Kings and’s partnership, and has ensured that Kings can continue building its platform to include more features and services as needed.’s platform provides us with a nimble and robust technology foundation. We’re able to test and iterate innovations with fans on demand. We can try out new services at any time and if our fans like them, incorporate them into the mobile app. Or, if we come across a better offering, we can unplug the existing service and plug in the upgrade. Having a dynamic platform allows us to foster an enhanced fan experience that continually evolves, makes app upgrades effortless.

– Ryan Montoya, CTO, Kings

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Questions? Email Us.

Download a PDF version.

Download a PDF version.