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Cables & Sensors Leverages the Power of Built.io Flow to Boost Sales and Deliver Enriching Customer Experiences

Cables & Sensors collaborated with Built.io to optimize their sales cycle management and deliver rich customer experiences during each interaction. Using Built.io's Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), Flow, the team successfully brought development time down by 15%, enhanced productivity, streamlined delivery and boosted sales.


Saved in development costs


Automated day-to-day workflows


Dev hours saved annually

Case Study

Case Study


Cables & Sensors is an Inc. 500 listed company and a leading manufacturer of compatible OEM patient monitor accessories. As specialised experts in the field of medical supplies, the company offers a huge selection of top quality products with same-day shipping facility and unsurpassed customer service.

Company Profile

Website: www.cablesandsensors.com

Industry: Manufacturing & Industrial, Medical Devices

Company Size: 20 - 50 employees


Cables & Sensors, a manufacturer/distributor of compatible patient monitor accessories is a market leader in its field of business. Since inception, the organization's core focus has been on delivering quality service and products to its customers at the best price and as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, the team at Cable & Sensors chose multiple best of breed SaaS applications, with each application having unique data and configurations. Managing these systems led to too much time and too many resources being spent on manual, repetitive tasks. Compounding this issue was the demanding nature of their field; the team processes and ships hundreds of orders a day, many requiring same day shipping.

Although the eCommerce site already had a handful of integrations in place for the execution of day-to-day business operations, managing multiple applications on multiple interfaces demanded extensive manual effort, reducing employee productivity and increasing labor costs. Even with a skilled workforce and new-age technologies, having a zero error margin while concurrently working on a plethora of apps was a harrowing task.

The team at Cables & Sensors realized the necessity of having a synchronized system for managing the end-to-end sales cycle. What they needed was a homogeneous integration dashboard that seamlessly connects their existing apps without causing disruption to the current workflow. That is when they turned to Built.io.

Built.io is a powerful and flexible platform that has allowed us to manage and execute complex integrations. Over time, we have merged most of our integrations with Built.io, which allows us to manage them all from one place.

- Andres Orjuela, IT Director, Cables & Sensors


Partnering with Built.io enabled Cables & Sensors to automate manual processes and gain efficiencies throughout the sales process. By leveraging the power of Built.io Flow, the team got full visibility and control across all their integrations, from a single place. Having a centralized location to manage the integrations between order processing, shipping, customer support, communication, and accounts helped the various teams gain a unified view of the business and operational data, making it possible to make faster and better-informed decisions.

Being a cloud service, Built.io Flow also offered them the ability to sync new sources of data from multiple systems into a single source in real-time, making same-day shipping a cakewalk. Using a combination of APIs and webhooks, Cables & Sensors was able to put together a fully automated and end-to-end order processing system, bringing manual intervention to a minimum, from the moment a visitor landed on the website, a purchase was made, the order was processed, all the way to the shipment being ready to hand over to the carrier.

With the power of Built.io Flow, we are able to access data that is as close to 'live' as possible. This allows us to ship orders at lightning speed, which obviously makes our customers very happy.

- Andres Orjuela, IT Director, Cables & Sensors


Prior to implementing Built.io Flow, the team at Cables & Sensors had tried their luck with several systems, including a self-managed solution. However, none of them offered the flexibility and ease of use that Flow provides. The platform’s built-in flexibility enables syncing custom software and existing processes seamlessly. This made it easier to supplement existing integrations before transitioning completely to the new platform, without a team of developers having to put in countless hours of laborious coding. Development became much simpler and quicker as the team was able to work in a local environment and then merely plug in this infrastructure into Flow once it was ready for production.

Transitioning from traditional methods of sales cycle management to a fully automated digital system helped Cables & Sensors in saving hundreds of man hours each month and boost productivity across the entire organization. Moreover, with automation, the risk of errors was minimized to nearly zero, ensuring that the customers not only received the best but the fastest and most accurate service possible.

Managing a complex system like this is very complicated and Built.io provides us the tools and stability to not have to focus on ensuring that our system is optimized and running 24/7. It is a pleasure to work with a team that is professional and committed to the success of their customers.

- Andres Orjuela, IT Director, Cables & Sensors

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Questions? Email Us.

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