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Agralogics Brings 'Internet of Food' To Agriculture With Built.io® Flow Enterprise And Built.io® Backend

Agralogics blends food and agriculture with technology to empower end-users and farmers with realtime data from a wide array of systems. They successfully sync 8600+ integrations utilizing Built.io Flow, allowing their users to easily access data and help them find answers to questions around annual planting and harvesting cycles, water consumption for a crop, and more.


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Case Study

Case Study


Agralogics' collaboration platform allows any user to access and share data from public, private, partner, geospatial, weather, crop, soil, yield, and pest control systems.

Company Profile

Website: www.agralogics.com

Industry: Information Technology, Food and Agriculture

Company Size: 11 - 50 employees


Agralogics wanted to centralize, simplify, and curate agricultural data from multiple sources. Its goal is to inform business decisions in the food industry by answering questions, such as when to plant seeds – a crucial decision given today’s increasingly unpredictable weather and water patterns.

Many farmers have access to personal sensors that can provide insight into soil, water, and weather, but they aren’t ubiquitous. To compensate for inconsistent data across the industry, Agralogics needed to source data from public domains covering satellite imagery, weather, soil, crops, pests, plant phenologies. It also needed to gather partner data like sensor networks and private data from customers around topics like water and pesticide use. But pulling data from multiple systems was challenging and resource intensive.

Agralogics needed a flexible system that would enable the company to import data from disparate systems and supplement with additional information as needed. The Agralogics team began with manual integrations in-house and in parallel, it vetted 3rd party technology solutions as well. Sanjay Dayal, CTO and Co-Founder of Agralogics, didn't want to use heavy duty tools or end up managing multiple systems. “Both DIY and outsourcing integration posed challenges around speed, cost, and manageability. One of the key drivers in our search for the right technology was to avoid reinventing the wheel and find an architecture that was compatible to our own systems,” says Dayal. Ultimately, Dayal realized that since Agralogics is a SaaS company, a SaaS integration solution would be the best fit. That’s when he found Built.io.

The Internet of Things is truly all-encompassing and when coupled with data integration, helps everyone make better-informed business decisions. This even applies in the context of agriculture, or what we call the ‘Internet of Food’.

– Sumer Johal, CEO, Agralogics


By using Built.io Flow Enterprise, an integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), Agralogics is today able to pull and sync data seamlessly from multiple systems. Because it is a cloud service, Built.io Flow Enterprise has built-in flexibility and scalability – it updates instantly and can incorporate new data sources on-demand. Agralogics also uses Built.io Backend, an enterprise mBaaS (mobile Backend-as-a-Service) that enables companies to create applications without the hassle of designing, building, and maintaining a custom backend technology stack.

Using a combination of the two products Agralogics was able to architect an enterprise-grade solution perfect for its needs:

  1. Built.io Flow Enterprise helps to connect disparate public, private, and partner systems.
  2. The overall system is lightweight and nimble and thus able to adapt to and include new data sources.
  3. By using a cloud-based platform, Agralogics is set up for long term success and able to scale its integrations on-demand.

Agriculture and food production have distinct integration challenges with multiple generations of disparate systems running in their own silos. Built.io’s tools help us stay ahead in our industry by connecting them all.

– Sumer Johal, CEO, Agralogics


The Agralogics team is able to provide useful data to its customers with the help of workflows that are set to run every 10 minutes and sync more than 8600 pieces of data daily. Instead of spending 3-4 months building these integrations in-house and requiring weeks to make updates, Agralogics can how perform such operations in minutes. Overall, Agralogics saves more than $1 million in development costs annually using Built.io’s digital platform to transform its operations.

“Today, Agralogics works with many different systems and many different data sources – and the need for precision in reconciling this data will only increase,” says Dayal. “Built.io helps us stay at the forefront of our rapidly changing environment.”

Built.io Backend’s ease of use and Built.io Flow Enterprise’s out of the box integration helped us accomplish in minutes what would have otherwise taken four months. Needless to say we are very impressed with the technology.

– Sanjay Dayal, CTO and Co-Founder, Agralogics

Questions? Email Us.

Questions? Email Us.

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Download a PDF version.