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VMware Leverages Built.io’s Digital Event App Solution For Its Mobile App At Marquee VMworld Event

To provide maximum value to VMworld conference attendees, VMware chose Built.io’s digital event app solution powered by part of its Digital Transformation Platform Built.io Backend, an mBaaS (mobile backend-as-a-service) to build its official conference app. The mobile app helps attendees navigate and enhance their experience through innovative, useful and fun features.


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Case Study

Case Study


VMware VMworld Conference hosts thousands of attendees annually. To maximize value, the event went 100% digital, delivering event logistics and schedules on the mobile app.

Company Profile

Website: www.vmware.com

Industry: Computer Software

Company Size: 10,001+ employees


Before leveraging Built.io’s digital event app solution powered by part of its Digital Transformation Platform – Built.io Backend, an mBaaS (mobile backend-as-a-service) – VMware struggled with previous cookie-cutter app designs with limited add on and integration options. Based on trials, VMware had developed a clear business vision and precise IT requirements for the VMworld mobile app. The app had several hurdles to clear concerning both the feature set and the overall solution architecture.

Since thousands of attendees would be checking the app simultaneously after exiting a keynote, the supporting mobile backend needed to withstand spikes of up to 2000 API requests per second; a scale 10 times larger than many consumer apps with 1 million users. Anticipating intense app usage, IT was concerned about the ability to maintain service levels and keep the app responsive during peak usage times. This would require end-to-end monitoring capabilities that spanned the app, mobile services, and supporting infrastructure.

The VMware team also wanted the flexibility to make updates to the agenda in realtime and inform attendees of any changes to their personal schedule. They also needed the app to communicate daily conference highlights, encourage attendees to connect on social channels, and capture useful insights into attendee behavior and app usage.

In addition to functionality concerns, the mobile app would also have to pass a rigorous security and legal review as it would be managing personally identifiable information (PII).

Built.io’s Digital Event App solution satisfied our strict security requirements and - backed by VMware’s vCloud Air infrastructure - provided app and backend scalability a conference of this magnitude demands.

– Mathew Lodge, VP of Cloud Services, VMware


VMware wanted a mobile-friendly conference app that would present key information provided by 3rd party systems. The Built.io Digital Event App solution saves development teams from having to build a database and backend from scratch. Built on top of Built.io Backend, the cloud-based mBaaS provides a pluggable architecture that enables a best-of-breed microservices stack and other supercharged, built-in features.

The event app helped VMware achieve its goals in the following ways:

  1. Efficiency — The app was built and deployed in less than 6 weeks because the cloud infrastructure and mobile services were available as a pre-built, proven and tested stack.
  2. Ease of use — The events team was able to easily update in-app content in realtime to accommodate a living agenda and dynamic logistics.
  3. Built-in analytics — Leveraging Built.io Backend’s built-in analytics allowed the VMware team to gain valuable insights into attendee behavior and preferences.

To guarantee scalability, the backend was powered by a dedicated instance of Built.io’s mobile platform that ran on VMware’s hybrid cloud infrastructure, vCloud Air. Running the mobile backend on vCloud Air meant that operations staff were able to monitor the system end-to-end in realtime and add extra capacity as needed.

Because updates are business friendly and incredibly easy, we can recycle the app at future events and simply swap out content as needed. This helps us yield a massive ROI.

- Mathew Lodge, VP of Cloud Services, VMware


By leveraging Built.io’s Digital Transformation Platform and digital event app solution, VMware was able to connect APIs from various systems to create a dynamic, all encompassing app. Thanks to Built.io Backend’s architecture, attendees were able to create personalized schedules, reserve seats in breakout sessions, provide feedback via surveys, and engage on social channels — all in one place.

The mobile services provided by Built.io included a business user-friendly system that enabled VMware to effortlessly make realtime in-app content changes, while also providing mobile analytics and built-in notifications. By combining the power of Built.io Backend and VMware’s vCloud Air, the app was able to effortlessly scale and handle the colossal load on the supporting backend.

After receiving positive feedback from attendees, VMware was able to immediately redeploy the app for VMware 2014 Europe Conference just weeks after its debut in the US. Because of the app’s business user-friendly interface, VMware was able to refresh all the content without additional development using the built-in CMS, as well as reuse 95% of the US app for its Europe event.

We knew that our attendees would be on their phones at the event, so mobile-first technology was a critical component of the architecture we were looking into. Built.io’s Digital Event App solution delivered in every way.

– Mathew Lodge, VP of Cloud Services, VMware

Questions? Email Us.

Questions? Email Us.

Download a PDF version.

Download a PDF version.