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Winning Marketing Campaigns Depend on Automated Workflows


Email marketing is one of the most personal ways of reaching your target customers. It is also one of the most effective and cost-effective ways of marketing.

Most internet users have at least one email account, and most of these users read email on a regular basis. By sending promotional or marketing emails, you are sure to reach where your target audience spend their time.

Let’s quickly look at the top five ways that can improve the outcome of your campaign and how integration can boost its effectiveness.

Ways To Make Email Campaigns More Impactful

1. Verify your email lists regularly

According to Jupiter Research, about 20% of email registrations contain common typing errors or domain related errors. Additionally, users use temporary email addresses to register on sites that they are not likely to visit again. If a significant portion of your list is comprised of fake or incorrect addresses, your email campaign will likely generate little value. Therefore, it is important to validate all of the email addresses before finalizing the list. While there are several ways to do this, the most common one is using an email verification service that automates the verification. The end result is a strong list of genuine email addresses, any of which could become a paying customer.  

2. Send personalized emails

Most automated emails look like templates, and the tone sounds robotic. These emails often fail to garner the expected results because readers cannot relate to them, and, as a result, they end up in the trash bin. 

Improve your email marketing by making the emails more personalized. This means doing more than just addressing the subscriber by the first name. It involves tailoring the body of the email to the requirements and interests of the subscriber. Use A/B testing to hone the personas of your subscribers and then deliver interesting and personalized content to each of your identified personas.

3. Optimize emails for mobile

Over the last decade, according to Statista, 237 million people use their phones to access the internet. A vast number of people use smartphone as the primary tool to access emails. Ignoring this set of subscribers would be disastrous for your email marketing campaign. 

Accessing your marketing emails should be painless for mobile users. The best way to ensure mobile compatibility is by using responsive design. This ensures that your emails remain beautiful irrespective of the device they are accessed on. 

4. Deliver clear and concise message

Today’s subscribers get mountains of promotional emails every day, most of these emails are overlooked or simply deleted. Even when recipients open the email, they only spend on average 7 seconds to skim through the message. It’s important to keep the email content short and to the point. Give the subscribers the information they need and write messages that are clear and concise.

5. Segment your email list

It’s important to realize that your email marketing list consists of people with different interests, behaviour, preferences and knowledge. Putting them all in one basket would hamper the effectiveness of the campaign. 

Proper segmentation improves the open and click-through rates of your email marketing campaign. The more information you have about your subscribers, the better you can categorize their interest and needs. By segmenting your email lists, there are chances that the message that you send to the recipients are relevant to them.

Increase Email Campaign’s Effectiveness With Automated Workflows and Integrations

Managing email campaigns can be tedious, and making them successful involves a lot of work. Thankfully, you can automate many mundane tasks using Built.io Flow, so that you can spend time doing things that matter the most. 

Here are some of the best integrations that will help you increase effectiveness of your email campaign.

1. Use automation to save all MailChimp subscribers to Google Sheets

Save your MailChimp subscribers to a Google Sheet spreadsheet so that it becomes easier to share the list with your team members. This integration will automatically add the new subscribers of your MailChimp account to a row in a Google spreadsheet.

Use automation to save all MailChimp subscribers to Google Sheets

2. Automatically subscribe Shopify customers to a ActiveCampaign list

You can now easily keep in touch with all your customers. Built.io Flow will automatically add all the members to the ActiveCampaign mailing list whenever a new customer is added through Shopify.

Automatically subscribe Shopify customers to a ActiveCampaign list

3. Use automation to receive a notification email when a new lead comes in

Save time that you spend on Marketo every morning to look for new leads. Get real-time notifications automatically in your inbox whenever a new lead comes in.

Use automation to receive a notification email when a new lead comes in

Such simple integrations will help you to save hours of efforts spent on a particular task. Similarly, you can integrate all your email marketing apps with Built.io Flow, and put all your work on auto-pilot mode. Give them a try, then pick the one that fits your requirement!

Want to give it a try? Connect apps such as MarketoMailChimpActiveCampaign or any other app of your choice to other services provided by Built.io Flow and driving winning  today! Sign up.

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