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Welcoming “Jaduman” To The Built.io Team Through The “Paint For A Cause” Initiative


Our “Paint for a Cause” mission was inspired by social worker and cartoonist Gayatree Joshi, who travels across India influencing social issues through her playful but powerful street art.

Core to these issues is a national “Swachh Bharat” campaign to clean up India. I find this cause to be both literal and figurative ranging from teaching people to use trash bins to dispose of waste through controversial anti-corruption movements such as the recent demonetization of Indian currency.



The walls outside the Built.io campus in Virar, India displays Gayatree’s most recent work. Collaborating with employees from Built.io and local schoolchildren, Gayatree and her team of volunteers took on the project of creating twelve panels of wall art with messages promoting causes like education for girls, “go green” initiatives, messages of anti-corruption and a feature of Gayatree’s signature “Jaduman” or “sweeper,” the unsung hero who angrily but wholeheartedly bears the burden of incessantly cleaning up after those who neglect to care for their nation’s public spaces.


Gayatree’s use of talent to influence social causes while dedicating the majority of her earnings to philanthropy serves as an inspiration to so many. We are proud to have worked with such a talented individual to show our support for a stronger and more socially aware community.

What an incredible way to end the year as we enter 2017 with the audacity of hope, social awareness and a commitment to stand up for causes of importance to our community.







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