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Webinar Recap: How To Build A Bot With Cisco Spark And Built.io Flow


Thanks to those of you who attended our webinar, “How To Build A Bot With Cisco Spark And Built.io Flow” featuring Kurt Collins of Built.io and Steve Greenberg of Cisco.

About This Webinar

Bots are an easy way to automate complex tasks that can span multiple systems. When they’re implemented, they ensure teams are more productive by making information more accessible, faster. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to build a bot using Cisco Spark and Built.io Flow. Cisco Spark is a leading enterprise tool that helps modern teams work together from anywhere at any time – with group messaging, content sharing, video calling, and desktop sharing. Built.io Flow is an enterprise-grade integration platform that enables both business teams and developers to seamlessly connect tools, devices, and services, ensuring disparate systems work together. Together, these tools are primed for maximum productivity in the workplace, especially when paired with bots.

We hoped you enjoyed learning:

  • The basics of Built.io Flow
  • The basics of building a bot
  • How to easily customize a bot

Watch This Webinar

Missed it, want to share it, or just want to watch it again? View the recording below and the slides HERE:

Get The Q&A

Q:  How much does Built.io Flow cost?

A:  Starts at $29 per month and scales up for different use cases. To learn about our enterprise and group plans, please email info@built.io.

Q:  Is pricing based on users creating bots? Or the number of bots created?

A:  Pricing is based on monthly usage (seconds of runtime), so there is no limit on how many bots you can create nor on what they do.  

Q: Where do I sign up for Built.io Flow?

A: https://flow.built.io

Q: Where do I sign up for Cisco Spark?

A: https://web.ciscospark.com

Q: Is there a trial?

A: Yes. You can sign up and try Built.io Flow completely free for 30 days.

Q: How many integrations do you have?

A: We support thousands of activities, triggers, and actions in Builtio.io Flow’s vast library of integrations.

Q: What if there’s an activity I want to add?

A: We can add it (it’s really fast and easy) OR you can use the Activity Builder in Built.io Flow to add it yourself. You can also include it via an HTTP request to access existing endpoints, if your API isn’t public.

Q: Does this work with IoT devices?

A: This works with anything that has a digital heartbeat or an API, so systems, drones, cars, buildings, the list goes on. Companies are using Built.io Flow today to connect their wearables, homes, campuses, arenas, and even cities.

Q: Can you connect to systems behind a firewall?

A: Yes, we can connect to on-premises systems via Built.io Flow’s Enterprise Gateway.

Q: Can you program bots to respond to natural language queries? As an example, I’d like  to say, "What is the weather in San Diego?" so that the bot behaves like Siri or Amazon Alexa?

A: Yes. You can use a natural language processing platform such as API.ai or IBM Watsonto interpret the question and provide the appropriate answer.

Next Steps

To get notified about our next webinar, subscribe to our blog at the bottom of this page. If you’re interested in building you’re own bot on Cisco Spark, sign up for Built.io Flow and Cisco Spark and take a look at the tutorials and documentation available on our documentation site.

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