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Using join.me for FREE and Easy Screen Sharing



Since our development team is based in India, it’s important to find ways connect and work closely with the team without losing any productivity despite having half a world between us.

While we use Skype for our weekly management meeting and to connect individually on our projects, it just doesn’t cut it for us when we want to share our screen. With a free Skype account, I can only share a screen with 1 other user, and I am unable to give anyone access to my display… don’t forgot to factor in the quality of Skype’s screensharing.

This is where join.me comes in! join.me lets us easily share our display with anyone (we have yet to hit their limit) without a moment’s notice for FREE. No one needs to download any special software or install any sort of Java Applet to view my screen, and it doesn’t take over 5 minutes to get a meeting setup and get everyone viewing the screen.

I just launch join.me, and it gives me a URL to share with my team or whoever I’m on a call with (I can even create a custom URL if I get a PRO account). When someone visits the URL, they can easily see my screen directly on their web browser. There’s even mobile apps at the ready if they’re not by a computer.

Update: Apparently join.me is also super non-Administrator friendly on the PC. A friend of mine was able to easily install and use join.me without needing administrative privileges or anything!

join.me also offers pro accounts with features like personal URLs, audio conferencing and more. We’ve found that we can easily make do with the free accounts; for a startup working on keeping our costs down, it’s great that we don’t need to pay for a pro account for everyone on the team.

Like with every piece of software, there’s always things we’d love to see improved or added. join.me has been very good about constantly updating and tweaking the application. For example, they recently added an always-on orange highlight around the screen being shared. This makes it way easier for me to make sure I’m sharing the appropriate window.

Here’s what I’d like to see:

  1. Default display to share - I prefer sharing my 11-inch monitor by default as my 27-inch monitor is just too big when others are trying to see things.
  2. Option to automatically place the join.me URL in clipboard when initiating sharing - Alternatively, it would be nice to have a cleaner copy button than what is currently done.
  3. Pay-as-you-go Pro account - When I share my monitor for a meeting, it’s important to be able to share the URL in advance. With a pro account, this is totally possible, but I only need to do this once or twice per month. It would be nice to be able to get my pro URL (join.me/gal) but to only pay per use rather than a set fee even when I barely use it.

join.me is a GREAT way to increase your productivity and easily share your screen with clients and team members, no planning needed.

P.S. join.me has one of my favorite home pages ever!

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