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Updates To Built.io® Flow Enterprise: Inline Expression, Nested Lookup, And Reset Webhook URLs


We’ve made some updates that enhance the integration experience and performance of your workflows. Here are the highlights of these week’s release.

Easier Coding With Inline Expression

Developers and technical people - this one’s for you. Now you can apply JavaScript logic to inputs in-line without a Node.js action - just search for the ‘Inline Expression ()’ option to apply custom code on the inputs of any action. This reduces workflow complexity and also minimizes overall execution time. Learn more about it here.


Search Is Easier For Box And Dropbox With ‘Nested Lookup’

Searching your files/folders in actions just got easy! You can now look up for files and folders within the nested folder structure in cloud storage services such as Box and Dropbox. This eliminates the need to manually enter file/folder IDs each time you wish to search/retrieve a nested file/folder.


An Extra Layer Of Security For Webhooks

You can now regenerate a webhook URL for an existing workflow any time by using the 'Reset Webhook' button in the webhook trigger configuration window. This ensures that the workflow is secure even if the webhook URL has been compromised. webhook-security.png 

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