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Twice as Fast with Half the Effort


We know that productivity matters. Our latest set of powerful activities are all about helping you get things done faster, while minimizing the demand on your time and attention. Let’s look at what’s new and exciting:

Import.io: Extract data with Import.io and instantly push it to over 100 web applications and cloud services. The new activities help you get Import.io’s connectors, history, snapshots, and test results. Learn more about our Import.io integration here.

JIRA: Manage projects like a pro! Built.io Flow now integrates powerful project management and bug tracking capabilities to give you greater control over your projects.

Initial State: Tap into data analytics for the Internet of Things. Our new activities for Initial State let you create data buckets and send event data to any of the available web services in Built.io Flow. Read more about how Initial State activities work.

In addition to these new activities, we are also introducing new developer-friendly activities to make your coding work easier. ‘JSON Stringify’ helps you convert JavaScript objects into JSON strings, while ‘Logger’ displays your flow’s output directly in logs.

We’d love to hear what other integrations and features you’d like us to add. Leave a comment below or send us an email at: support-flow@built.io.

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