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TouchFreight, Powered by built.io MBaaS, Wins University Mobile Challenge and Prestigious Washburn Prize


This is the second year that built.io has sponsored the University Mobile Challenge, and we are proud to announce that TouchFreight, a shipment dispatch company powered by built.io MBaaS, won the first-ever Washburn Prize, and came in first place in the University Mobile Challenge. This UC Berkeley team created a mobile solution that enables shipping companies to dispatch shipments, communicate with drivers and plan better routes at the touch of a button. With a dispatch web portal and an onboard driver iPad application, shippers can eliminate costly faxes and phone calls, minimize re-routing and ship more, faster.

The TouchFreight team has an ideal mix of technology, business, and finance experts, which is a tried and true recipe for success. Ryan Chapman and Eric Nelson developed the iPad application, web portal, and a marketing website for TouchFreight, all within a semester, with direction from Product Manager, Lucas Miller. The team also put together a detailed financial and pricing model led by Finance Manager Braxton Greco. Lauren Hanlon was at the business helm and secured the first enterprise customer to beta test the product.

Early on, this power team realized that an enterprise application requires an enterprise backend, which led them to migrate from consumer platform Parse to built.io. built.io MBaaS provided the necessary tools to build TouchFreight for the large-scale shipping market, which will now go from faxing orders to using an iPad and an advanced web portal to coordinate deliveries, saving time and money.

Read the full press release here.

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