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Top 5 Reasons to Integrate


If you work in a midsize or large organization, chances are your departmental product stack is somewhat cobbled together, since everyone has their own preference for tools and they don’t always play nicely with each other. Different departments use different tools to accomplish the same objective. Acquisitions forcefully merge incompatible technology stacks together. It can be maddening and it can certainly make integrating everyone’s tools a big challenge.

Regardless of how hard it is to do, everyone benefits from integration and connecting tools, products, services, devices and more can unlock considerable value.. Here are a few of the top reasons why companies take on integration challenges:

  • Automation. Automating tasks frees up time, money, and resources that are better spent elsewhere. It takes human error out of the equation and makes processes more easily scalable.
  • Savings. By connecting APIs that don’t work out of the box, you could save a lot of money that would be better spent elsewhere. Champagne for team building, anyone?
  • Collaboration. If you can connect all your business-critical systems across the organization, cross-departmental collaboration becomes easier and more efficient. Imagine sales, marketing, HR and finance all on the same page.
  • Innovation. Bring the allure of connected products, services, and devices into the office. Incorporate the latest consumer innovation into the business can spark incredible innovation (just remember what happened when mobile phones became a business tool).
  • Competitive Edge. Being able to do things more efficiently and more quickly, fostering collaboration and innovation – in combination, these benefits can make the difference between winning or losing as a business. Integrating means winning.
  • What are the reasons you integrate? We’d love to hear them. Email them to us at info@built.io.

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