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Top 5 Integration Issues Companies Face Today


The theoretical benefits of integrating cloud technology and the IoT ecosystem are well-documented, but actually connecting services, systems, sensors and devices is often easier said than done.

Here are the top challenges companies are struggling with today:

  • Cost. Implementing integrations, merging technology, and then rounding up the resources it would take to actually make it happen often seems out of reach for teams with limited budgets and / or (wo)manpower.
  • Time. Even if a team is able to find budget and tap into professional integration expertise , it often takes 6 months or longer just to deploy and set up the integration environment that is intended to power the desired integrations. Actually implementing the latter can quickly double the overall timeline.
  • Complexity. Integration is not just about connecting one tool to another; it’s about enabling new business processes or automating existing one. Companies need to anticipate all potential scenarios and interactions – including edge cases – between the connected systems. You’re not just connecting Dropbox to Salesforce, you need to think through what happens to the data and dependent processes when things are created, edited, deleted, transferred to a different owner etc.
  • Coordination. Whenever you’re integrating business systems, you’ll likely end up having to coordinate between multiple systems as well as multiple teams. Questions like Who owns what?” or “Who can see data that’s being exchanged?” require anticipation and a clear plan ahead of any significant integration projects.
  • Maintenance. After you’ve launched your integration(s), what happens to them?. Maintaining both the connected systems as well as the integration technology itself can be a burden in perpetuity. Integrations shouldn’t delay system updates and API updates shouldn’t break any automated business processes.
  • Despite all these challenges, the many benefits of integration are undeniable and businesses have invested (and continue to invest) billions of dollars to capitalize on the value integration can unlock. Click HERE to read what they’re doing to conquer the above issues.

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