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The Smart Corkscrew: A New Tomorrow, Today


Have you ever wondered: “Will I like this wine? Is it ready to drink? What wine is perfect for the meal I’m about to eat?” If you have, the built.io Smart Corkscrew is the solution for you.

Our team of expert sommeliers, chemists, biologists, hardware manufacturers, developers and wine enthusiasts are excited to release built.io’s second hardware product exactly one year after our release of smart connect.

The built.io Smart Corkscrew is the world’s first independently-intelligent wine consumption enablement device, but it’s so much more than that.

We began designing the built.io Smart Corkscrew by asking ourselves: “What do people use corkscrews for?” But, we dove in deeper to understand the true experience by asking: “How do users feel when they first pick up a corkscrew, when they screw it in, after opening a new bottle of wine, and as they taste their first sip?” We realized a corkscrew is about so much more than just opening a bottle of wine.

Just Yours

The built.io Smart Corkscrew starts working the moment you touch the packaging. It can instantly detect an individual’s love for wine and will secrete pleasant scents to entice the individual to open the packaging. When you touch the built.io Smart Corkscrew for the first time, it builds an instant user profile and identifies your favorite wine varietal and regions.

Every bottle of wine you drink and every action you take with the built.io Smart Corkscrew will improve your user profile. Pretty soon it will help you find the perfect wine pairing for each meal tailored just for you. The built.io Smart Corkscrew can integrate with other intelligent devices. For example, if you know you want a bottle of Zinfandel, your Smart Corkscrew can work with your smart refrigerator to suggest the perfect meal using the ingredients you have at home.

Staying Healthy

Like many of us on the built.io team, we know fitness, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is important. The built.io Smart Corkscrew can connect with the most popular solutions such as FitBit, Apple Watch, Health Kit, Jawbone, The 7-Minute Workout and more to ensure that you’re keeping to your daily workout routine. In fact, you can even ask the built.io Smart Corkscrew to enforce your daily requirements. If you haven’t taken enough steps, it won’t open the wine bottle for you!

Put on Your Thinking Cap

Want to learn more about wine, wine making, grapes or glassware? We’ve partnered with Velvet Rope Wines to build education into the corkscrew. You’ll become a pro in no time! In fact, if you’ve gotten serious, we’ve built somm-quizes right in. While studying for your exams, you can have the built.io Smart Corkscrew quiz you before opening a bottle of wine. Get five questions right, and you’ll be able to open the bottle.

So Many Integrations Your Head Will Explode

The built.io Smart Corkscrew comes with thousands of integrations through built.io Flow. Apart from all the awesome things you can do by integrating with smart connect, you can build virtually any integration you want. For example, lets say your sales team has the built.io Smart Corkscrew. You could require they close $100,000 before opening a bottle of wine; the possibilities are endless. Here’s a few of the popular integrations we’ve seen from our Alpha and Beta customers:

  1. Calorie Tracking - calculate exactly how many milliliters of wine you can drink based on your remaining calories in your chosen fitness app and only pour out that much wine.
  2. Social Integrations - capture the perfect photo and the built.io Smart Corkscrew will automatically adjust you to the right filter to help others see how great your night is.
  3. Kids Free Zone - emit a low-pitch frequency through your home speaker system so that kids stay at least 15 feet away and you can drink your wine in peace.
  4. DD Parent - Drank a little too much wine at lunch? No problem! The built.io Smart Corkscrew will automatically coordinate with DD Parent to ensure your kids get from school to soccer practice and back home safe. You get to take a nap instead.
  5. The Perfect Host - Not sure what your guest wants to drink? Not-to-worry, the built.io Smart Corkscrew can automatically integrate with your existing wine collection and find the perfect bottle for your guest.

Introducing Wine Now in Beta

We’re excited to offer our users an early glimpse into what’s to come. Wine Now is one of the top features we’ll be releasing in version two. As you’re finishing up your wine, the built.io Smart Corkscrew will integrate with your home drone to automatically bring you your next bottle of wine. It monitors your drinking patterns, the perspiration in your breath, your tone of voice and more to help select the perfect bottle for you and your group. Don’t waste time trying to figure out what to drink next.

Want to get the built.io Smart Corkscrew? Email info@built.io.

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