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The Internet of APIs The Connected Stadium


The gameday experience extends far beyond four action-packed quarters, it starts the moment fans make their way to the stadium and does not end until they return home. For most fans, watching a live game is a visceral experience. The stadium is a key contributor to the live game experience because it provides an energizing homebase for fans to interact with their favorite team. Traditional stadiums, arguably, do not provide the best settings to watch a game because of limited visibility, lack of access to dynamic commentary and, frankly, the beer is not as handy as it is at home. Stadiums draw fans not solely because of the services, but also to deliver an unparalleled experience.

By pairing the traditional stadium experience with the latest technologies, stadiums are able to optimize opportunities to please their fans. Beacons are one such example and play a significant role in making the connected stadium a reality. Beacons use Low Energy Bluetooth to connect with fans, allowing for micro-location services such as indoor navigation and in-seat ordering. Tapping into technology allows stadiums to deliver information and services to the right people at the right time.

As stadiums incorporate more and more technology (both hardware and software) into their DNA, the various services must be able to connect and integrate with each other seamlessly, in order to provide a smooth and coherent experience to the end user. For a mobile app, this means augmenting the gameday experience and not becoming a distraction that takes away from the action on the court or field.

For example, the audience at a basketball game could participate in a survey in between quarters; or be provided with giveaways based on how much their section is cheering. The next night, the same app can provide live lyrics to a song an artist is performing in the stadium. The ability to tailor content and functionality in realtime is an essential ingredient to enabling these scenarios.

Together with the integration of best-of-breed services, a new generation of smart, connected stadiums and arenas can provide dynamic, interactive experiences to each and every fan, personalized for every event. Built.io is proud to be working with some of the most innovative sports franchises in the world to bring to life this new generation of experiences for visitors and fans.

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