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Take Control Of Your Workflow With Switch


Today we’re introducing a feature we think you’ll love: Switch!

The ‘Switch’ action is like a selection control mechanism that allows a workflow to choose an execution path (from the given options) depending on the condition being met.

How to use ‘Switch’

Add Switch to your workflow and provide multiple execution paths branching out of it. Configure Switch by specifying various cases (conditions) and the execution path it should take for each case.


When the workflow runs, Switch checks if any condition is being met. In case a condition is met, it takes the corresponding execution path. If no condition is met, it takes the path specified as the default path.


Since all the conditions are defined inside a single block, it gets executed faster than the multiple conditional blocks defined for independent actions. This will not only reduce overall workflow execution time but will also consume less credits to execute your workflow.

It’s an extremely useful tool especially when you do not know the exact nature of the output of the preceding actions of your workflow.

Read more on how Switch works, and get started with this tool.

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