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Take Control of End-to-End Order Management with Automation


The order-to-payment process is the lifeblood of all organizations, drawing the line between the success and failure of a business. Although it seems to be simple and straightforward, it is a rather complex process, as it involves the entire cycle of different departments, processes, applications, vendors, suppliers, and a wealth of data.

To ensure a positive customer experience, having an automated order management system with advanced integration capabilities has become a necessity. Automating and integrating order management with other business processes can help improve productivity, eliminate errors, and avoid delays in delivery by providing different teams with a consistent overview of the order status in real-time. It can also avoid blunders such as customers receiving a product too late or worse, receiving the wrong product in the wrong quantity.

Built.io Flow, a next-generation iPaaS offers several integration workflows that let you automate every aspect of order management and give you complete control over the order process, including order entry, inventory management, invoicing, order fulfillment, pricing and promotion, feedback, and more.

Here are some of these workflows. Once you import these in your account, you will be just one step away from accelerating your order-to payment-cycle.

1.  When a new subscriber is added in MailChimp, create a lead in ProsperWorks and send a notification on Cisco Webex Teams

With this workflow, you can keep track of prospects who have displayed interest in your brand. When a prospect subscribes to receive communication via any of your MailChimp campaigns, Built.io Flow automatically adds that subscriber as a new lead in ProsperWorks, and also sends the details about this subscriber to a specified space in your Cisco Webex Teams account.

Create lead in ProsperWorks for new subscriber in MailChimp

2. When a new order is placed in Shopify, send a notification on Cisco Webex Teams

Using this workflow, get notified in a particular space on Cisco Webex Teams for every new order placed in your Shopify store. You can also set up a workflow that posts a notification whenever an order is paid in Shopify.

Receive real-time notifications about new Shopify orders

3.  Create rows in Google Sheets for new invoices in QuickBooks Online

Save time spent on storing copies of invoices and payment data. With this workflow, Built.io Flow creates an auto-backup of new invoices in QuickBooks Online by adding them as new rows in a specified sheet in Google Sheets.

Create rows in Google Sheets for invoices in QuickBooks Online

4.  When a new ticket is added in Freshdesk, create a space in Cisco Webex Teams

Respond to a customer’s follow-up queries instantly and reduce the case resolution time, using this workflow. The workflow creates a new space in Cisco Webex Teams as soon as a new ticket is created in your Freshdesk account.

Create a space in Cisco Webex Teams for new Freshdesk tickets

5.  Translate new emails in Gmail using Google Translator and post them in Cisco Webex Teams

If you are a business with customers across the globe, it is highly likely that sometimes you may receive emails in a language that you are unfamiliar with. Built.io Flow can help here.

With this workflow, whenever a new email arrives in Gmail, Built.io Flow translates it into a specified language using Google Translator and sends the translated text to a space in your Cisco Webex Teams account. You can add particular search terms or labels in the workflow to ensure that all emails from a foreign customer are automatically translated during each interaction.

Translate emails and post them in Cisco Webex Teams

6.  Post messages on Cisco Webex Teams and add rows to Smartsheet for new responses in Google Forms

This workflow is useful for collecting and collating feedback from customers after they have completed a purchase. In this workflow, each time a new response is submitted in Google Forms, Built.io Flow posts its details on a space in Cisco Webex Teams and adds it as a new row in a specified sheet in Smartsheet.

Add rows to Smartsheet for new responses in Google Forms

Built.io Flow has helped hundreds of digital businesses to speed up their order processing and reduce fulfillment timelines. Take control of your order management process today. Login now to start using these workflows and explore the numerous other integrations available in our library.

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