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Sync cases between Salesforce instances in real-time


Built.io Flow provides ready-to-use integration workflows that automatically synchronizes your cases between two Salesforce instances.

It’s not uncommon for businesses these days to have more than one Salesforce instances. A company may have multiple Salesforce instances dealing with different business lines or different instances for each acquired company.

Salesforce makes it easy for anyone to have more than one instances. However, it is not easy to manage the data of multiple instances, especially if you want to sync data between them. While you could log into each of your instances and manage each business line from each of those separate instances, wouldn’t it be easier if you could sync all of your data from multiple instances into whichever instance you want? 

Syncing customer cases is one of the common requirements for companies with two different Salesforce instances. Cases are any customer interactions, questions or tickets. If you have two instances with same set of people managing cases for both, it’s important that these cases are synced seamlessly. However, doing this manually can be tedious. A great solution is to automate this so that the syncing can be done quickly, and in real-time. 

With Built.io Flow, this is easy. Flow bidirectionally syncs cases between two Salesforce instances. So, if any new case is created in any one instance, it will automatically create the same in another. The integration solution comprises two workflows. 

The first workflow, synchronizes all the cases created or updated in the source instance to the destination instance. In this workflow, Flow checks if the case that is created in the source account exists in the destination account; if it does not exist, then it creates the case in the destination account. If the case already exists, then any missing information of the case will be synchronized to the destination account.


Here’s the link to the workflow. You can import this workflow from the library and start using with a couple of clicks.

Sync cases in two salesforce instances A to B

Similarly, the second workflow, synchronizes all the cases created in the destination account to the source account of Salesforce. Here’s the link to the second workflow:

Sync two salesforce instances B to A


Once you have set up and enabled these workflows, all the cases data in both your accounts will remain up-to-date. 

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