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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean Up India), built.io Style


With the built.io and raw engineering offices located in both the United States and India, our teams are comprised of global citizens. While we work hard to bring innovative enterprise applications to businesses all over the world, we think it’s equally as important to give back to the local communities we have the privilege of being a part of. We are constantly looking for ways to tackle problems on a global and local scale, using technology to find innovative solutions to tough challenges.

This past year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected and challenged India to clean up. The built.io team heard the call and has held days of service dedicated to clearing – one small area of trash at a time. Through dedicating time and effort to this cause, we noticed that there is more that could be done, and in order to make a significant impact we needed to think bigger.


We asked ourselves, “What skills do we have to contribute, how could we apply them and, as an enterprise software company, how could we help India clean up?” The answer came to us quickly: an app to inspire each and every citizen of India and the surrounding global community to clean up, make an impact, and share their stories.


Using the mobile app, a volunteer can record photos and geolocation of the cleanup site before and after the site is cleaned. These photos can then also be directly posted to Twitter and Facebook via seamless social integration. The user is encouraged to nominate other people to clean up a site via text message so that they can also join the Clean India mission. A user can also post a challenge in the app by publishing a photo and location of a site that needs cleaning.

With this mobile app we want to contribute to the spirit of cleaning up around you by using innovation and technology to engage the local citizen, your neighborhood, your country – and fostering a nationwide (and maybe one day, global) movement.


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