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Supercharge Your Shopify Store Using These Integrations


When one thinks of options to launch an eCommerce store, Shopify is usually right up there at the top of the list. Popular among solopreneurs as well as large enterprises, Shopify offers a single platform to start, run, and grow a business. More than 500,000 merchants in 175 countries use the service to sell their products to anyone, anywhere. The platform is extremely powerful in its own right. But imagine how much more you could achieve by combining the capabilities of Shopify with other powerful tools and applications?

With Built.io, you can do just that; connect your Shopify store to your email marketing platform, CRM, customer support software, and 180+ other apps. We offer several ready-to-use integrations in our library that allow you to sync data from Shopify with numerous applications such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more. Using these workflows, you can simplify and accelerate all your eCommerce processes. Whether you handle hundreds or thousands of orders a month, Built.io has you covered!

Here are some Shopify workflows available in the Built.io library.

1.  Add rows in Excel Online and create leads in Salesforce for new customers in Shopify

With this workflow, you can pay special attention to new customers to your store. When a customer is created in Shopify, the workflow automatically uses their details to create a lead in Salesforce, and also adds the details as a new row in Excel Online.

Add rows in Excel Online and create Salesforce leads for new Shopify customers

2.  Create a ticket in Zendesk for new Shopify order

Keep track of all your Shopify orders via Zendesk. Every time an order is placed in your Shopify account, Built.io creates a new Zendesk ticket containing all the order details.

Create a Zendesk ticket for new Shopify order

3.  Add a row in Google Sheets, create a contact in ActiveCampaign and post details on Moxtra for new Shopify order

Streamline your eCommerce transaction process with this workflow. When a new order is created in your Shopify account, the workflow automatically adds its details as a row in a specified sheet in Google Sheets, creates a new contact in a particular list in ActiveCampaign, and finally posts its details on a specified binder on Moxtra.

Add a row in Google Sheets, create an ActiveCampaign contact and post details on Moxtra for new Shopify order

4.  When a new order is paid in Shopify, send a notification on Cisco Webex Teams

With this workflow, each time an order is paid in your Shopify account, Built.io sends you a notification on a specified space in Cisco Webex Teams.

Send notification on Cisco Webex Teams for paid Shopify order

The workflows provided above are only a few examples of how you can leverage Built.io to automate tasks and gain productivity superpowers. To have a look at the complete list, log in now. You can also design and deploy your own workflows using our intuitive, visual interface, and manage all your Shopify integrations together from a single place.

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