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Spreadsheet Junkies Will Want To Do This, Says Event Tech Guide


Our friends at Event Tech Guide are a savvy bunch that are helping people in the meeting and events industry take on their tasks through technology stacks.

In a recent post titled "Good News For Spreadsheet Junkies," they recap a common issue.

Pain Points Of Managing Your Work On Spreadsheets

According to their research up to 90% of event organizers continue to use spreadsheets and email as their foundational tools for keeping track of tasks, while a smaller number use event management software or project planning and collaboration tools. The reason? Spreadsheets are extremely versatile and, bottom line, they just work. But The Event Guys pose a valid question: what should you do about working your spreadsheet into the rest of your event tech stack?

“The pain of having to upload spreadsheets into your software can be tedious, and also prone to error. It can lead to dirty data (oh! no!) and duplication. It can be a nightmare to track which is the right or latest version, and difficult to stay up to date on, when it’s been uploaded to your reg platform, mobile event app, CRM, or CMS.”

Maintain The Spreadsheet, But Automate The Process

The answer to the above question is integration, which is used for a variety of reasons - one of which is automation.

“If you want a full enterprise grade iPaaS system than we recommend you consider The Event Guys iPaaS platform from Built.io Flow. This platform is unique in that it’s focused on bringing integration to the event industry and making it easier for organizers to build event tech stacks made from best-of-class event services. This platform can incorporate your Excel spreadsheets (or Google Sheets) with Event Technology, like the Swoogo registration platform, or the Hubb.me CMS, or MAP Digital, or the Eventpedia or AnyEvent App mobile event apps.”

You can read the original post here.

What’s in your technology stack? Share with us in the comments.

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