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Receive Updates in Cisco Webex Teams for New Leads on Marketo and SugarCRM


A consistent sales pipeline and the ability to hit the revenue target begins with good lead management. Generating new leads is vital to increase revenue. Most companies already know this and thus, have implemented popular lead funneling systems to simplify the lead management process.

However, the reality is that lead management is a complex process as leads can reach out to your business through a variety of sources. Unless the sales team is able to manage and react to these leads efficiently in real-time, the chances of a lead turning into a new customer remain low.

The ideal solution to this is using an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that syncs your lead management tools with enterprise messaging applications, so you can receive notifications as soon a lead is created.

Built.io Flow, a next-generation iPaaS offers several ready-to-use workflows that help sales teams to stay updated about new leads created on the solutions that they most commonly use, such as Marketo and SugarCRM. These two services are popular with organizations due to the extensive features and flexibility they offer.

Here are some workflows.

1.  Update your sales team on Cisco Webex Teams when a new lead comes in through Marketo

This workflow checks for new leads in Marketo. Whenever a new lead is created in Marketo, the lead is automatically sent to a space in Cisco Webex Teams.

Here’s the link to the workflow. You can import this workflow from the library and start using it immediately.

Fetch new lead in Marketo and send it to Cisco Webex Teams

2.  Send notifications to Cisco Webex Teams for new leads created in SugarCRM

With this workflow, your sales team gets notified in a specified space on Cisco Webex Teams, every time a new lead is created in your SugarCRM account.

Send Cisco Webex Teams notification for new lead in SugarCRM

Once you set up these workflows, you can start responding to leads in a timely manner and avoid the risk of them losing interest in your product. These workflows ensure that you never miss out on a chance to convert leads into new customers.

Give these workflows a try or have a look at our library to find more such powerful integrations.

For any assistance, write to us at support-flow@built.io.

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