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Postman Integration, Funneling, GeoQuery Playground, Demo Apps


ion Targeting and Twitter login just weren't enough! Today we have some new features to tell you about.

Postman Integration

You can now explore the API for your app using Postman which is available on the Chrome Web Store.

You can add your app to postman with the following simple steps:

    1. Install and Launch Postman in Google Chrome.
    2. Log into built.io, go to the Settings section of your application and click on "Downloads" tab. Click the big button that says "Download".


    1. In Postman, click "Collections" on the left sidebar and click on the "Import Collection" button.
    2. Drag the JSON file you downloaded into the popup to upload your app's API.
    3. You can now explore your app's API in postman.


Today we're excited to announce that you can now analyze your application's usage with Funnels. We've developed Funnels to function like other tools such as Google Analytics that you've used before.

With a few clicks you'll be able to track important activities such as signup conversions, usage patterns, and more.


GeoQuery Playground

We had so much fun developing the Geolocation Targeting for built.io that we decided to build a demo for it called GeoQuery Playground.

You can tag locations and then geo-query them by drawing shapes on the map.


All this and more is available in our SDK. Get started building your application with the built.io Documentation.

Let us know how you're using this to speed up your app development. We'd love to hear your thoughts on built.io as we add new features.

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