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Overcome Digital Transformation Roadblocks with iPaaS


Technology has become a routine in our personal and professional lives. Digital networks, smart devices, artificial intelligence, and in-depth analytics have taken over business processes. And yet, when it comes to digitalization of the workplace, some enterprises still have a long way to go. Whether you are selling products or services, you need to leverage technology in the right manner at the right time to begin and transform your digital journey.

So what’s holding back digital transformation?

Common challenges to successful digital transformation

The road to digital transformation is not easy. Businesses have been tackling the subject for many years. When we talk about transformation, it has to encompass everything; product, technology, systems, processes, skill sets, and especially mindset. One cannot become truly digital without the right systems and the right people.

Here are some common challenges that businesses face during a digital transformation project.

Data security

More than 55% of companies believe that security is the number one hurdle when implementing digital enablement technologies. An average company today makes use of 34 different SaaS applications. Employees’ workflows and customer data are scattered across these apps. The challenge here is to capture the data from all these apps once and turn it into a single source of truth. When multiple platforms and applications are connected, different teams get access to a lot of shared data, which falls outside the purview of a particular system’s ability to secure information.

Lack of budget

Digital transformation is an investment. To multiply the ROI over the years, it needs some initial funding. However, some organizations only look at the impact it has on a quarter or at the maximum, a year. Their goal is to save money in order to increase the bottom line. Employees are tasked with digital transformation initiatives but are not provided with sufficient budget to achieve them. This can be caused by limited company size, or just competing priorities.

Corporate culture

Digital requires multi-functional collaboration and a digital-first mindset. Every team needs to understand that their adoption of new technologies is important to the company’s successful digital transformation. Often, the IT group and the business lines are in disagreement when working together. This can be tackled through gradually changing approaches and addressing the digital skills gap in your business. It requires handing your teams the right tools and empowering them to engage in the transformation.

Legacy systems and traditional integrations

While pursuing digital transformation, many businesses continue to operate in a hybrid state using a combination of legacy, on-premise systems, and cloud applications. IT specialists often make use of point-to-point, hand-coded integrations to connect these applications but this process is expensive, time-consuming and error-prone. Traditional integrations lack the ability to cut across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Today, with the explosion of thousands of applications, integrations are required to cover a suite of apps across different platforms in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Multiple operational silos

Typically, in every organization, enterprise-grade tools are accessible only by IT, while the digital business initiatives are driven by business users. Because digital transformation affects all areas of a business, it needs to be everyone’s job. This means business users must be provided with easy-to-understand application integration tools so they can contribute to the digital initiative and free the IT team to focus on more high-priority projects.

Say hello to iPaaS - The solution to all your digital transformation challenges

Adopting an iPaaS is the easiest way to overcome the obstacles cropping up on the path to your digital transformation journey. An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) automates how your systems talk to each other and digitizes the process of data transfer. It creates seamless connectivity between your legacy systems, cloud services, and devices.

An iPaaS can help you:

  • take actions in different apps without leaving the integration console
  • monitor applications and send important updates to your teams in real-time
  • gain a 360° overview of customer data
  • facilitate smarter and faster workflow automation
  • empower business users to build customized workflows
  • automate the digital customer journey

Power your digital transformation journey with Built.io

Built.io, an intuitive, user-friendly, and sophisticated integration platform enables you to embrace innovation and drive digital transformation across your organization.

The iPaaS offers deep connectivity with 180+ services and numerous ready-to-use workflows to manage the speed and scale of today’s integration requirements. Using Built.io’s visual drag-and-drop interface, enterprises can create powerful automations in just a few minutes and dramatically accelerate the time-to-market for web, mobile, and IoT projects.

Since it operates entirely on the cloud, Built.io maintains the highest level of security and reliability. It requires no complex setup or installation procedures. You simply need to sign up and start automating to kick-start a comprehensive digital transformation for your organization.

The race to digital transformation is an endless journey, the course of which changes as new trends and technologies continue to emerge. As daunting as that might sound, it is a manageable challenge when you begin using the power of automation technology.

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