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New Year, New Features


That’s a better way to start off the new year than introducing a bunch of incredible new capabilities. 

Today, we are announcing a major update that we believe will make Built.io Flow Enterprise a lot more valuable to teams, companies, and individuals. This update includes some highly-requested features, security enhancements, and great UI changes ‒ all to give users the best tools to build awesome integrations faster.  

Here are the highlights of this release:

Projects ‒ a new home for your workflows

We have introduced ‘Projects’ to help you keep your workflows organized. Workflows reside within Projects, an each Project has a separate configuration. This makes it easier for you to categorize similar or relevant workflows and collaborate better within teams. 


‘Projects’ is the first thing you will notice after signing in to your account. Built.io Flow Enterprise provides a ‘Default’ project, within which you can find all your existing workflows. You can also create new projects and create new workflows within them.

Learn more about Projects.

Introducing Organizations for better collaboration

Now, you can manage all the workflows, projects, and users of your company or team from one single administrative panel. Introducing organizations, the highest entity in the Built.io Flow hierarchy that holds all the resources associated with your team. With organizations, you can:

  • Invite users to collaborate in your organization
  • Assign role-based access for projects to users
  • Create shared authorizations for projects
  • Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) login for your organization
  • Manage your organization resources such as projects, users, workflows from a single panel
  • View logs for all the organization-related activities
  • Manage single subscription plan for all organization users

Read our documentation on organizations to know more. 

Enhance your data security with Single Sign-On

Built.io Flow Enterprise now supports Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO is an authentication method that lets you login to multiple applications using a single set of credentials. You can enable SSO for your organization in Built.io Flow Enterprise by integrating it with your SAML 2.0-based identity provider (IdP) . This enables your organization users to login to Built.io Flow Enterprise using their corporate IdP credentials, which makes the login process much quicker and secure. 

Know more about setting up SSO for your organization.

Get bird’s-eye view with Audit Log

Audit log keeps a record of all the activities performed by individuals as well as organization users. This lets you monitor your Built.io Flow Enterprise account usage from one single location.


Know more about Audit Logs here

Try out these features and let us know what you think. For any assistance or help, write to us at support-flow@built.io

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