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Modernize Your Sales Process with iPaaS


Sales teams are often seen dabbling with multiple sales management apps and an overwhelming number of tasks to match their sales goals. The reason is simple: to be considered ‘thoroughly worked’, every lead should get at least eight touches. Multiply those touches by say, a 1000 leads, and your sales representatives are suddenly drowning in an endless pool of information!

For successful conversions, the sales funnel must be designed in a way that it is able to consistently and continuously work through all the leads being fed into it, irrespective of the stage they are in. With automation, sales teams can easily achieve this in the blink of an eye - making the sales process far more manageable and quicker.

Sales process automation involves automating certain sales related activities such as lead creation and prioritization, database updating, ticket resolution, etc. using software to bring efficiency, transparency, and consistency in the sales funnel.

Leveraging automation for increased sales

Improved productivity

Ensuring that the sales team is motivated and productive at all times is crucial for sustained business growth, since it is one of those departments that have a direct impact on the bottom line. Most automation solutions offer self-service capabilities that help sales teams in building, running and monitoring their own workflows. Sales reps can save more time every day by automating several sales processes. They can even schedule calls and send messages to leads with a single click using the power of automation.

Better lead management

Consider a typical sales team in any organization. Sometimes, sales representatives may miss posting an update in the sales CRM application. This usually results in a situation where different team members end up working on the same lead, giving rise to unhealthy competition. With workflow automation, sales teams can have their applications and databases updated automatically in real-time.

Data-driven sales strategy

In this age of 'consumer parallelism', the path to purchase spans across multiple touch points and involves interactions with multiple teams. For any sales rep, making sense of these raw stacks of data scattered across different channels and platforms is like bailing out the ocean with a bucket. The solution to this is simple – cross-department collaboration and collaborative selling. With an automation solution, organizations can enable collaborative selling to provide sales teams with a unified, 360° view of the customers, and help accelerate the customer’s purchase decision.

Simplified order management

An efficient order management system is fundamental to creating satisfactory customer experiences. Ill-organized order management processes can cause errors and delayed payments. Over time, this is bound to hurt your company’s revenue earnings. Using an automation solution, sales teams can resolve this issue and make order management a breeze. Organizations that upgrade their systems from paper-and-pencil to integrated order processing are likely to experience, on average, a 25% gain in overall productivity, a 10-20% gain in space use, and 15-30% more efficient use of stock.

Built.io - An enterprise-grade iPaaS for sales automation

Hiring and retaining a team of developers to write custom integrations for automating the sales process can be expensive and time-consuming. The best way to achieve automation is to adopt an Integration Platform-as-a-Service or iPaaS.

Built.io, a leader in hybrid and cloud integration offers pre-built solutions that allows sales teams to build complex, multi-step, multi-app workflows, with zero code and in just a few clicks. The iPaaS connects sales CRM applications deployed in different environments to automate repetitive tasks, facilitate smooth data exchange and reduce complexities, all in a matter of minutes. This increased visibility helps sales representatives in eliminating issues of data duplication, speeding up workflows, and grabbing more opportunities at the right time.

To get started with Built.io, sign up with us today. While you are at it, you can take a look at our free eBook to understand how you can best optimize your sales process for success.

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