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Mobile and IoT – Worlds Colliding in San Francisco


Recently, we saw the dual conferences Apps World North America and Internet of Things World take over Moscone Center in San Francisco. While mobile apps are all but passé – many enterprises are still woefully behind in delivering required and desired mobile innovation across their business – the buzz at the event was heavily skewed towards the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our very own Neha Sampat, CEO of Built.io, spoke on a panel on innovation in the enterprise utilizing the Internet of Things, alongside heavy hitters from GE, Adidas, Leidos, and the Application Developer Alliance.


The lively discussion covered a wide variety of topics, from privacy issues associated with IoT use cases to proposed standards for the Connected Car arena. One major point all panelists could agree on was that mobile and IoT aren’t all that different from one another. Many of the challenges around scale, integration, security and content delivery are highly relevant to both discussions. Luckily, the lessons learnt as part of the rise of mobile translate quite easily to best practices for IoT.

From a business perspective, Built.io has already placed its bets on the convergence of mobile and IoT. We’ve boldly dropped the “m” from our mBaaS offering and recently became the first vendor to add realtime capabilities to our Backend-as-a-Service. Realtime is a powerful ingredient for many mobile use cases, but it is an absolutely critical prerequisite for IoT.

We’re also doubling down on our cloud integration platform Built.io Flow which allows companies to connect “Things”, systems and apps – basically anything with an API – to create innovative and valuable IoT workflows for the business.

While IoT may seem like it’s the new kid on the block, we are ready for mainstream adoption and already pioneering some exciting IoT use cases – from building out our Connected Campus to advising the City of San Francisco on its Connected City initiative.

Drop us a note if you’d like to trade insights or if you are interested in teaming up around IoT.

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