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Missed API World? Catch Up On Connected Teslas, Bots, and Awards


We’re back from one of our favorite conferences of the year, API World. In case you weren’t able to make it, here’s a quick look at some of our favorite moments:

Intriguing Demos

We hacked a Tesla (yes, we had an actual Tesla at our booth!) to show off how powerful, yet easy, integration can be. Watch the video here:

Using Built.io Flow to connect a wide range of devices, tools, and services, we showcased four very different examples to illustrate the variety of use cases you can enable via drag-and-drop integration:

  1. Connected Car. We connected our Tesla, Google Maps, and Cisco Spark to trigger things like the lights, horn, doors – or report the vehicle’s location. While fun at the booth, the practical applications are much larger, spanning automated vehicle maintenance, autonomous driving experiences and remote fleet management.
  2. Connected Business. By connecting Cisco Spark, Box, and Ignite, we built an easy way to improve collaboration in an enterprise environment.
  3. Connected Hospitality. By connecting Sonos speakers, LIFX Lights, Raspberry Pi, and an Electric Imp, we simulated a futuristic connected hotel experience in which a user’s preferences for ambiance settings around music and lighting could be activated to deliver the ultimate, personalized, fully automated check-in experience.
  4. Connected Bot. By connecting Tropo, API.ai, Weather Underground, Linkedin, and Google Calendar, we demonstrated how you can create your own personal virtual assistant (read: bot!) that can be instructed via voice to do your bidding.

We opted to show off this wide range of scenarios to illustrate both the value of integration across different domains, as well as the power of a tool that can connect all services, all departments, and all industries.

Special thanks to our friend Jason at Cisco for loaning us his car computer. We couldn’t have shown off without his help.

A Hands-Free, Slide-Free Talk

Our signature talking head Kurt Collins took to the main stage – sans presentation. Instead, our Director of Technology Evangelism and Partnerships brought his bot into the conversation and interacted live with it / him / her on stage – all to prove that bots and AI have finally gone mainstream and have become useful tools for everyday situations.

You can watch the talk on Periscope.


We’re thrilled to be taking home yet another award! Built.io Flow was voted by our peers as the best ‘API Middleware’ at the show. For that, we’d like to say THANK YOU!!

Why We Love API World

Put on by the stellar DevNetwork team, API World is the world’s largest vendor-neutral conference that focuses exclusively on the power of APIs. Its audience is a compelling mix of enterprise developers, alongside technical decision makers. If you’re trying to scout out the latest trends around integration and APIs, this is the conference where you can catch a glimpse into the future. For our part, we’ll keep doing our part to make APIs pervasive and useful and we won’t rest until the Internet of APIs is available to all.

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