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Miami HEAT Selects Built.io To Deliver Digital Fan Experience


It’s no secret that we have been making waves in the sports industry for the Built.io digital transformation platform. Built.io powers the Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center App, bringing the world's smartest arena to life! We are proud that the Sacramento Kings were recently named the ‘Most Innovative Company in Sports’ by Fast Company and the ‘most tech savvy team of 2016’ by SportTechie.

The Miami HEAT Selects Built.io

We are extremely excited that the Miami HEAT chose Built.io and its extensible digital fan experience platform as the underlying technology to power the new fan experience for the HEAT. With Built.io, sports franchises and venues can transcend the physical and digital boundaries to engage fans in unprecedented and highly innovative ways. We can't wait to unveil some of this innovation alongside the Miami HEAT later this year.

The Miami HEAT's end goal is to boost engagement regardless of whether fans are at arena, watching from home or checking in on a mobile device. Together, We will help them achieve this by making it easy to try new technology, services, and products on-demand while they test and iterate what will work best for them via our flagship iPaaS product, Built.io® Flow™.

The team will also benefit from Built.io's headless CMS Built.io® Contentstack™ as they’ll be able to point content to any device via our API-first approach. Lastly they’ll enjoy full control of their tech stack via best of breed microservices they need to be successful in their database through our mBaaS with a pluggable architecture, Built.io® Backend™.

We are proud to contribute the technology foundation for this solution and provide the Miami HEAT with a proven and extensible digital fan experience platform. With Built.io, sports franchises and venues can transcend the physical and digital boundaries to engage fans in unprecedented and highly innovative ways.

– Neha Sampat, CEO of Built.io.

Partnership with Digital Accelerator BeyondCurious, Enabling Agile Methodology 

BeyondCurious is an award-winning innovation agency that works with large organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. We’ve partnered with BeyondCurious to design and create a new comprehensive fan experience that will delight HEAT fans with value-added content and features, ultimately building long-term loyalty.

To help the HEAT develop new fan loyalty ideas more quickly, BeyondCurious will rely on CatalystGo, its proprietary offering that accelerates digital product development. With CatalystGo, integrated teams of researchers, strategists, designers and technologists incubate ideas and build products in a business accelerator, unleashing creativity while minimizing risk.

Using this agile development framework and Built.io's digital transformation platform, The HEAT can quickly test new technology and innovations, or seamlessly swap it out when something better comes along. Utilizing this agile practice will help the organization become more flexible, adapt new and better technology, and enable them to test, build, and scale faster.

The approach is to help the Miami HEAT approach it with the agility of a startup. The Built.io platform allows you to test a lot of high value ideas but know, based on data, which one is driving the right outcomes and which is driving engagement and being able to do that through agile sprints.

– Nikki Barua, CEO of BeyondCurious
I'm excited to form this partnership with Built.io and BeyondCurious. The Miami HEAT are leaders in mobile innovation, and BeyondCurious' proven methodology for accelerating innovation will take our mobile fan engagement to a higher level. Built.io's platform, meanwhile, will allow us to future-proof our investment and prepare for tomorrow's technology requirements.

– Matthew Jafarian, VP of Mobile Strategy & Innovation of The Miami HEAT

For more info, see the commentary in TechRepublic and SportTechie.

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