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Manage data of leaving employees through automation


When an employee quits or moves to a different team, managing the user data—safely destructing unwanted data, backing up important data, and transferring the ownership of data to another team member—is one of the important (and mundane) tasks of the IT department.  However, deactivating users from multiple apps and moving hundreds of records manually can take hours (or even days) of your time. While these tasks are important and should be handled with great care, they add to the company’s cost and use manpower that can be otherwise put to better use. 

One of the best ways to handle this is to automate these tasks. 

With Built.io Flow, this is easy! There are several workflow templates that help you manage the data of your organization. Of these, one is specifically built to hand offboarding. Whenever an employee quits, Built.io Flow automatically suspends the user accounts, takes backup of the user data, and transfer control of their files to their manager

To be more specific,  whenever a user is deactivated or deleted from Okta account, the workflow will automatically send a notification to a Slack channel, move all the files and folders of the user to the admin’s Box account, and will suspend the said user from the organization's Box account.

Here’s the link to the workflow. You can import this workflow from the library and start using it with a couple of clicks.

Suspend Box user, send notification to Slack channel for every deactivated Okta user

Once you have set up and enabled this workflow, Built.io Flow will watch your Okta account, and will execute this workflow when a user is deactivated.

Learn more about how this workflow works with our video tutorial.

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