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Location Targeting + Twitter... Love at First Sight


hile you've been busy building AWESOME apps on built.io, we've been working on making built.io better for you. We're excited to announce two new features: Targeted Notifications and Twitter Authentication.

Target Notifications Based on Geolocation

You can now specify notification targets based on a user's location. Simply draw a circle or polygon on the map to send a notification to devices in that boundary.


Twitter Integration


With Federated Login you can authenticate a user seamlessly through their existing social network account. We're excited to add Twitter to round out the existing login options (Google Apps, Facebook, tibbr).

You can enable Twitter login in your mobile or web app with just a few short lines of code. You can even associate multiple social network accounts with a single built.io account for users who want to connect with all their social networks.

These two new features are just a taste of what's coming up. Stay tuned for more!

Got an awesome idea? Want to talk? Shoot an email to info@built.io.

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