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Launching the Conference App of the Future, powered by built.io


Today, we are announcing the built.io Conference App. Enterprises can now complement their events with a custom app that’s exciting to use and that inherits all the mobile power of the built.io platform.

An Enterprise Conference App based on an Enterprise MBaaS

The built.io Conference App runs on VMware’s hybrid cloud infrastructure vCloud® Air™ which offers customers unparalleled quality of service and total control over the IT environment behind the solution. It also guarantees scalability. Case in point: At the recent VMworld 2014 conference, the app (and underlying platform) handled peak loads equivalent to a typical consumer app with 10 Million (sic!) users.

Using VMware vCloud Air enabled the creation of an application architecture that meets even the strictest of customer requirements around security and compliance – crucial given the sensitive nature of attendees’ personal information. Mobile services provided directly by the underlying mobile platform built.io included a business user-friendly content management system for realtime in-app content changes, mobile analytics and built-in notifications.

Have an event coming up and need an app? Contact us to set up a demo.

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