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Keep Track of New Pipedrive Deals with Asana Tasks and Trello Cards


Selling is a complex process with a series of repetitive steps; from identifying prospects, setting up meetings and educating them about your product, creating tasks, negotiating the contract, and eventually closing the deal. To be able to sell efficiently and close more deals, most businesses make use of CRM systems to help them keep track of these stages, automate certain sales activities, and maintain a well-organized sales pipeline.

Pipedrive is one such sales CRM. It provides organizations with details of all their leads across different stages. In Pipedrive, an ongoing transaction with a prospect is tracked as a deal and moved through the pipeline, until it is either WON or LOST.

However, managing numerous leads within one system can sometimes be overwhelming and result in human errors. Built.io can alleviate many of these issues. Not only does it instantly notify you about new Pipedrive deals on Cisco Webex Teams but also creates separate Asana tasks and Trello cards for each of them.

1.  Create tasks in Asana for new deals in Pipedrive and post them on Cisco Webex Teams

With this workflow, whenever a deal is created in your Pipedrive account, Built.io automatically adds the deal as a new task in a specified project in your Asana account, and also sends the details of the deal to a space in Cisco Webex Teams.

Create Asana tasks for new Pipedrive deals

2.  Add cards in Trello, rows in Excel Online, and post messages on Cisco Webex Teams for new deals in Pipedrive

In this workflow, every time a deal is created in Pipedrive, Built.io first adds the deal as a card in a particular list in your Trello account, and then as a new row in a specified sheet in Excel Online. Built.io also sends a notification about the new deal to a space in Cisco Webex Teams.

Add Trello cards, Excel Online rows, and post messages on Cisco Webex Teams for new Pipedrive deals

Once you set up these integrations, they will automatically trigger every time a deal is added on Pipedrive, making it easy for you to track new leads in real-time. You can customize these workflows further by adding more actions to create powerful integrations and enhance your sales pipeline management. Log in now to get started or sign up with us to experience all Built.io features.

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